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Corrected entry: The helicopter that they use to rescue "dad" gets its windows entirely shot out. That is why the helicopter is put on autopilot so that the prison tower can be blown up. Later, everyone is sitting in the back of the helicopter talking and all the windows are intact.

Correction: The windows didn't get "shot out." Yes, the side did get shot, but the bullets just went through. You even see when one of bullets goes through the front window, it only leaves a hole and the widow stays intact.


Corrected entry: Black Widow asks her civilian contractor to procure a jet for her. All he could find was a beat up old helicopter. Which is exactly what she and her sister needed to get Alexei out of prison. They could not have done it with a jet. If they had got a jet they still would have needed a helicopter. So much for that.


Correction: You're assuming their original plan was to hover over the prison to be sitting ducks to attacks. It's also possible they expected Alexei to break out and meet them outside the prison or rendezvous at the jet. Not to mention the Quinjet has hovering capabilities if that's what Mason could get for her.


OK. You have a point.


Other mistake: Black Widow and her sister steal a BMW. Getting away they damage the left rear quarter. A few cuts later they show the car again and it has no damage to the left rear quarter. (00:40:15)


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Trivia: Inside Melina's weapons vault, you can spot a mask. This is a reference to her comic book counterpart, who goes by the codename Iron Maiden.


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Question: Was the post-credits sequence changed at all, given the film's delay? Without giving specifics away, this was intended to be the first appearance of a certain character, but due to changed release dates that character first appeared in one of the Marvel TV shows instead. Presumably the character featured would have had slightly more of an introduction in this film if they hadn't already been in the TV show?

Jon Sandys

Answer: I can't attest to if the end credit scene was altered, but I can say that it's been Marvel's M.O. to introduce new characters to foreshadow upcoming projects without really giving them much of an introduction. For example, Fury, Thanos, Captain Marvel, the Wasp. It seems this credit scene was meant to tease the audience for her upcoming appearance in the TV show rather than build on who they've already established her to be.


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