Wall Street

Visible crew/equipment: When Gecko is talking to the Airline board in the apartment, in the shot when he walks in front of the window, a boom mike is seen in its reflection.

Visible crew/equipment: Toward the end of the film, Bud is talking to Lou Manheim in the office (the thing about money - it makes you do things you don't want to do). They are both in profile, and you can see little microphones clipped behind their ties.

Visible crew/equipment: A cameraman with a light coloured, short-sleeved shirt is visible (operating a large camera) when Gordon says "Interesting, got a card?" in Bud's first encounter scene. You can see him on the back wall when you look past Gekko - the wall where the door is located but closer to the main window.

Visible crew/equipment: When Natalie is talking to Bud on the phone her assistant opens the doors to Gekko's office and 3 guests follow in single file. As the camera follows them in, their shadows are displayed on the right hand door. There is another shadow moving behind the last guest, which is someone in the film crew. (00:08:50)


Visible crew/equipment: About halfway through the scene in which Bud Fox first visits his old college pal Roger, the attorney, there's a boom mike visible in the upper left-hand corner of the picture during a shot facing Roger. (00:53:05)

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Gordon Gekko: This is the kid, calls me 59 days in a row, wants to be a player. There ought to be a picture of you in the dictionary under persistence, kid.



The opening shot (of the New York Stock Exchange's trading floor) has the subtitle "1985," which might lead one to expect that at least the action in the first few scenes takes place in the year 1985. However, when Charlie Sheen is talking to his Nimrod broker buddy the Nimrod jokes that the day the Challenger exploded, Gekko was on the phone "selling NASA stock short." The Challenger exploded in January, 1986, not 1985. [An explanation for this: Wall Street, as conceived and filmed, was supposed to be set in 1987. However, near the end of 1986, The Ivan Boaesky insider-trading scandal hit, many rules were changed, and acknowledging those events would have undone much of the plotting of the movie. So the movie was shifted back in time to 1985 (before the scandals, and also before the Challenger disaster), thus creating this major goof].



Bud Fox's name was originally Joe Fox, but it was changed after it was discovered Joe Fox was a real stockbroker, who wouldn't give permission for his name to be used.