Wall Street

Continuity mistake: When Gekko is talking to the board of Blue Star Airlines in Bud's apartment, Michael Douglas is wearing a suit, but white sneakers can be seen on his feet. In the next shot, he is wearing dress shoes.

Continuity mistake: During the fight between Gordon and Bud in Central Park, Bud's raincoat gets soaking wet, then is suspiciously dry a second later. (01:51:20)

Continuity mistake: Look at the reporters gathering quotes after Bud is busted - one recorder has NO tape in it, with the manufacturer labels still on the recorder.

Continuity mistake: After Bud asks Carl for money at the bar, a friend comes up and Carl shakes his hand. At this time Carl doesn't have glasses on. Bud then asks Carl "How's work been treatin' you." When he asks this the camera angle is over Carl's shoulder and he has glasses on. Then in a front shot, the glasses are in his hand, but there was not enough time for him to take them off. (00:12:10)


Continuity mistake: In the fight between Gecko and Bud, Geckos jacket keeps changing between being dry, and wet, dry, and wet. (01:51:20)


Continuity mistake: When Gekko's son throws the food at the lawyer, it goes in a downward trajectory, yet it hits the man in his face.

Continuity mistake: When Gordon and Bud are getting dressed after playing racquetball, Bud is seated with what looks like a can of soda on the bench to his right. He drinks from the can. Less than a minute later when Gordon says, "I've been in this business since '69," Bud drinks from a glass.

Continuity mistake: When Buddy first meets Gordon Gekko, Buddy is depressed as he walks towards the door of Gekko's office. The door is opened, and as Buddy turns to look at Gekko his tie is perfectly placed. In the next camera angle of Buddy walking out of the office his tie is pulled down. (00:20:00)

Continuity mistake: When Bud and his father are in the Owl Tavern discussing the FAA ruling for Bluestar, Carl says, "We can go for those new routes to Pittsburgh and Boston now. We're gonna compete with the big guys." With his right hand, Carl drinks some of his beer while his cigarette is left in the ashtray. When the camera angle changes to Bud, his right hand is holding the cigarette. (00:12:20)

Continuity mistake: In the elevator scene at the start of the film, the man with headphones holding a newspaper appears and disappears during different shots. (00:02:00)


Continuity mistake: The NYSE trader who says "How is Anacott Steel?" is wearing a dark jacket, but in the following montage he is wearing the light colored one he wore later in the film when the Bluestar Airlines stock is traded. (00:35:40 - 00:38:00)


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Continuity mistake: The car Carl Fox is driving is on a 3 lane road with concrete barriers, that does not allow for parking. When the camera angle changes to show the interior, the car is on a road with vehicles parked on the sides. (01:53:20)


Continuity mistake: When Bud says "I never knew how poor I was until I started making a little money" Gekko moves his right hand to drop ash from his cigarette into the glass ash tray. When the camera angle changes to show Gekko smile, his right hand is stationary on his leg. (00:54:00)


Continuity mistake: During Bud's document signing scene there are a few glasses between Gordon Gekko and Mr Salt which are less than half full. When Kate asks Rudy to be taken for a nap the camera shows her for a few seconds, and when the camera returns to the table the levels are significantly higher, with not enough time to be refilled by the waiter. (00:56:00)


Continuity mistake: When Bud is asked about the cute analyst, Marv puts his left arm on a computer monitor, but when the camera angle changes in the next frame Marv has his back turned to the computer. (00:20:00)


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Continuity mistake: In the club changing rooms Gekko fiddles with the knot of his tie but does not neatly fold his shirt collar, which exposes the tie at the back. When he puts on his jacket the collar and tie now appear properly dressed. (00:28:00)

Continuity mistake: At Gekko's party Bud is introduced first to Sam Ruspoli, Carmen Winters, then Stone Livingston. After Bud shakes hands with Ruspoli he extends his hand to Winters who remains seated. When the camera angle changes Bud shakes with Livingston but the handshake with Winters has been cut from the footage. The changing camera angle reveals another error. The paperwork that Bud gives Gekko inside his front door is now folded in half but the action to fold the papers has also been cut. (00:39:00)


Continuity mistake: When Bud and Darien are arguing, and Bud is sitting, both venetian blinds behind the sofa are at angles, one left to right and the other right to left. He stands and when we next see the blinds they have both changed to opposite angles and stay that way. (01:42:00)

Continuity mistake: After his first encounter with Gekko, back at the office Marv invites Bud to a night out. During the conversation Bud's jacket is draped on the back of his chair, but in the shot where Marv returns to his computer, the jacket disappears. (00:21:50)

Continuity mistake: At the end, when Bud is walking the steps to court, the number of people next to him swaps dramatically between the close and aerial angle.

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Factual error: The opening shot (of the New York Stock Exchange's trading floor) has the subtitle "1985," which might lead one to expect that at least the action in the first few scenes takes place in the year 1985. However, when Charlie Sheen is talking to his Nimrod broker buddy the Nimrod jokes that the day the Challenger exploded, Gekko was on the phone "selling NASA stock short." The Challenger exploded in January, 1986, not 1985. [An explanation for this: Wall Street, as conceived and filmed, was supposed to be set in 1987. However, near the end of 1986, The Ivan Boesky insider-trading scandal hit, many rules were changed, and acknowledging those events would have undone much of the plotting of the movie. So the movie was shifted back in time to 1985 (before the scandals, and also before the Challenger disaster), thus creating this major goof].

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Gordon Gekko: This is the kid, calls me 59 days in a row, wants to be a player. There ought to be a picture of you in the dictionary under persistence, kid.

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Trivia: Bud Fox's name was originally Joe Fox, but it was changed after it was discovered Joe Fox was a real stockbroker, who wouldn't give permission for his name to be used.

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