Answer: He'd gone outside the normal system for the afterlife and offered himself as a freelancer. His punishment was to be restricted to the model until someone said his name three times.

Question: When Beetlejuice replaces the handrail as a snake, I don't understand the line, "We've come for your daughter, Chuck." I know "Chuck" is "Charles" so who is "we" and why does he say "they" are only there for Lydia? (01:00:28)

Answer: It's a rather outdated usage. Queen Victoria was known for using the "Royal We," saying things like, "We are not amused." It was a way of saying something without being directly accountable for it. Others use it merely as an embellished speaking effect, meant as hyperbole. That is what Beetlejuice is doing to sound loftier.

raywest Premium member

Answer: In addition, it's possible that Beetlejuice was trying to rope Adam and Barbara in on the idea, since they did request for his help to get the Deetzes out of the house. He might've thought they were working together.

Question: How did the football players die exactly?

Answer: After returning to Juno's office, the quarterback tells her that he doesn't think they survived the crash.

Question: What happened to Lydia's biological mother? Was this mentioned in a deleted scene? I once watched the movie with someone who said that Delia actually is the biological mother, but Lydia feels so disconnected and misunderstood, she pretends that Delia is her stepmother. (When I was a kid myself, I actually met a couple of kids who pretended that parents were adoptive or someone was a step-parent).

Answer: Her mother died and Delia is indeed her stepmother. We are not told in the film how her mother died. In the musical we're told Emily Deetz is her biological mother.


Answer: I think you're thinking of the musical, there's no Girl Scout in the movie. As for the musical, after the girl plays up her heart condition and how a minor shock to her system could kill her, she ironically survives her encounter with Beetlejuice just fine.

Brian Katcher

Answer: No, Adam and Barbara are just using their ghost powers to levitate her.

Phaneron Premium member

Answer: Lydia is being possessed, like during the "Tally Me Banana" scene earlier in the movie.


Let me clarify: like the others at the dinner party during the "Tally Me Banana" scene.


Question: If the Maitlands aren't dead at the end and the Deetzes agreed to share the house, then how did Lydia fly while dancing?

Answer: The Maitlands are still dead. They are still ghosts.


Answer: The Maitlands are definitely still dead. Absolutely nothing in the movie indicates they came back to life. Lydia flying and all the things happening around the house at the end are the Maitland's doing - they're having fun with Lydia using their otherworldly abilities because Lydia's doing good in school.


Question: When Charles and Otho are taking the model downstairs, I think it's Charles that says "let's take it apart" or something like that, and Otho says "that's sexual, get it both ends." What did he mean? I never got that part and its meaning.

Answer: He says "It's sectional" not "It's sexual". He's just confirming it comes apart for easier carrying.

Question: When Beetlejuice tried to get the Maitland's business - I don't recall hearing what he expected for payment from them - does anyone know?

Answer: He didn't really talk about payment from the Maitlands. He made it seem like he was good at getting rid of the living and just wanted to help out. But really, he was trying to get "hired" so they would say his name 3 times so he could be summoned. Then by marrying Lydia, he could escape the Neitherworld.


Question: At first, the football team doesn't realise that they died. So why do they think that Juno is their coach?

Answer: They are very confused and probably not the sharpest tools in the shed. Juno probably told them they should do what she says and they immediately associated that with a coach.


Answer: Right before the Maitlands walk in, one of the football players asks, "coach, where's the men's room?" After which Juno finally loses her cool and dismisses the team out the door. After Juno's conversation with Adam and Barbara, one player comes back in and says, "Coach I don't think we survived the crash" suggesting they realised they were dead.

Question: How is Lydia able to see Adam and Barbara along with Beetlejuice? Did she have some sort of near death experience or maybe inherited something from her family?

Answer: It's about her personality. She is just quirky and different from other people, maybe a bit psychic, and that has given her the ability to see the spirits. She may have inherited the trait from her late mother.

raywest Premium member

Answer: This is never revealed.


Answer: It's been inferred that she died from a sickness.

Answer: Because then he could ask anybody to say his name three times for him, and they would release him.

Revealing mistake: When Barbara and Adam are digging up Beetlejuice's grave, you can see that a piece of cardboard states "FRAGILE" or something in small print which is proportional to Barbara and Adam at that time. However, the lettering should be ten times larger if the cardboard was proportional to the actual model. (00:44:35)

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Barbara: We're very unhappy.
Juno: What did you expect? You're dead.

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Trivia: The model tree falling over after Beetlejuice kicks it was never supposed to happen. This caused Michael Keaton to ad-lib the "nice fucking model" line. Tim Burton enjoyed it so much he kept it in the film.

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