Continuity mistake: During the movie theater scene all the vehicles except the bus and red truck are destroyed, but during the F-5 scenes all the vehicles are there.

Continuity mistake: After the first tornado when Jo's truck is destroyed, you see Bill's truck with a shell on it. When their group is leaving the scene, the shell is gone and one of the Dorothys is in the bed. Where did the shell go?


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Suggested correction: ANSWER; As some time elapses between the tornado aftermath and leaving the scene, there are plenty of reasons why the shell moved.

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Visible crew/equipment: At Aunt Meg's house, Jo is taking a shower. There are two shots of her washing her hair. In the second one, the camera is blatantly reflected in the glass, left screen.

manthabeat Premium member

Continuity mistake: In the movie the antagonist Jonas has a vehicle fleet that includes the main vehicle, a Chevy truck, 4 black Dodge Grand Caravans, and a large recreational vehicle. At 37:15, a faraway camera shot shows the Chevy and 4 black minivans in a convoy, but the RV is nowhere to be seen. In the next shot, Bill, Melissa, and Jo arrive in the Red Dodge Ram, the RV is at the back of the convoy, and there are only 3 minivans between the RV and the Chevy at the front. (00:37:15 - 00:38:15)

Factual error: When they left Meg's house heading east towards Garfield county there are Texas county road signs.

Continuity mistake: The tornado before the one that destroys the drive-in theater rips power poles out of the ground. When Bill and Jo are arguing, we see a long shot of the road where the tornado was. The power poles are in place as if nothing happened.

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Continuity mistake: When Dusty tries to get Melissa to watch a tornado through a camera, the way she holds her umbrella changes between cuts. Sometimes it's on her left shoulder, sometimes it's on her right.

Continuity mistake: When Dusty watches a tornado through a camera, the way he holds the camera changes between cuts.

Visible crew/equipment: After Bill and Jo crash through the house, they plow into the cornfield chasing the twister. Dark shadows of the film truck behind them are quite visible as they close in on the roaring tornado. (01:36:27 - 01:37:15)

Continuity mistake: When the tanker explodes in front of the red truck, they swerve and go through the blaze. Helen's window was down before the blaze, but up when they emerged. And the cracks in the windshield change, then change back.


Continuity mistake: At the beginning with Jo's team, the sky alters between cloudy and sunny in different shots.

Visible crew/equipment: When Dusty is showing off the new improved sensors, he is twisting one with his hand. The camera is blatantly visible reflected in it.

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Continuity mistake: When the steak gets placed on Melissa's plate the 1st time at Aunt Megs, it is well done and pointing in 1 direction. When Dusty slips it's a totally different steak pointing in the opposite direction.

Continuity mistake: When Bill and Jo are driving up the hill, there is a shot of Jo driving, and you can see the windshield is already cracked. In the next shot when the debris of that jumper tornado is shown the windshield is perfect.

Joshua Monzert

Continuity mistake: After the chase where Jo loses her truck, her pants are wet and muddy. After the flying cow waterspouts, the pants are clean and dry.

Movie Nut

Visible crew/equipment: When Helen's storm chasing crew begins to take shelter in the building, there is a shot of everyone running down the stairs to the basement. This shot shows Preacher run into something. It looks like a hand-held camera.

Continuity mistake: When Bill and Jo are in the truck, Jo looks at the dashboard, which is shown, and then Jo looks away and covers her eyes. Bill then floors the gas, and the dashboard is shown, and this time, the airbag light is on, unlike the previous shot of the dashboard two seconds earlier.

Continuity mistake: During a scene in the middle they drive the red Dodge solo into the hills to face a twister. As they bail out they find that they can't free the "Dorothy" from the back of the truck, so they have to run for it. As they look back they watch power poles start blowing up. Finally the one next to the truck goes and falls across the bed of the truck, smashing Dorothy onto the roadway and spilling the sensors. As they come back to the truck, because the twister has disappeared, they realise the twister is "jumping" and pile into the truck for their escape. The power pole is no longer resting across the truck and there is no damage to the bed.

Other mistake: During the movie, some characters wear a headset to communicate (Rabbit, Joey, Dusty, Jo, Jonas). Nothing wrong there, but they also use the CB radio/mic in addition to using the headset. And it's not so they can hear conversations better, since Rabbit and Jonas use the mic on their headsets 99% of the time. There are also instances where you can hear conversations from some of these characters when they don't use the CB radio, so the only mic that makes sense is from the headset.

Aunt Meg: He didn't keep his part of the bargain, did he?
Jo: Which part?
Aunt Meg: To spend his life pining for you, and die miserable and alone.
Jo: Is that too much to ask?

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Trivia: According to the Special Effects documentary, the sound of the tornado was produced by recording a camel's moan and digitally slowing it down.


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Question: After Jo's truck is destroyed and they have to use Bill's truck to load two of the Dorothys in, what do they do with the top that was over the bed of Bill's truck?


Chosen answer: I imagine they just left it at the house where they loaded the Dorothys. You only need a couple of wrenches to remove a camper top.

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