Stupidity: Jo's dad builds a tornado shelter but uses a simple bathroom stall type lock for the door. How did he expect that to be strong enough?


Stupidity: In the opening, it's surprising that Jo and her family have to actually go outside and run even a short distance to get to their cellar. Farm houses, especially in tornado prone areas like rural Oklahoma, would typically be built overtop of the cellar, which would be accessible from inside the house. Furthermore, Jo's cellar door seems to be secured with what seems to be little more than a latch much like those used for restroom stalls! Not very practical for a door intended to protect the interior from outdoor elements.

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Suggested correction: Their storm cellar is made of an old septic tank, which is very common to do. It's half buried into the ground so it provides maximum protection, unlike under the house because an F5 tornado would simply rip the entire house away, removing all the protection the cellar would have had. Also the door has several latches, not just one.


A cellar under the house would likewise be buried into the ground, often more than halfway, so it would offer just as much protection, if not more. Looking at the scene again, the door has two latches, both the same size and woefully insufficient.

Visible crew/equipment: When Melissa dodges the truck that has fallen from sky and Dusty rushes to open a door and help Melissa get out of the truck, the reflection of a camera is seen in the bottom right corner of the truck window. As they move out and pan to the right, you can see a reflection of the same camera and cameraman at the bottom right corner of the truck door as they move away. (00:33:50)

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Melissa: She didn't marry your penis... Okay, she didn't only marry your penis.

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Trivia: According to the Special Effects documentary, the sound of the tornado was produced by recording a camel's moan and digitally slowing it down.


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Question: It's obvious that Jo still has feelings for Bill at the beginning of the film, so why, after he sort of admits that he still has feelings for her, does she purposefully go ahead and sign the divorce papers, after purposefully not doing so in the beginning?


Chosen answer: Jo finally signs the divorce papers after she sees how upset Bill's fiance is getting after all the near misses with the tornados. She also sees that Bill does care for his new fiance and she finally decides not to stand in the way of his new relationship, even though it did not work out in the end.

Mark English

Answer: She signs it as at the time she was very annoyed with Bill. She wanted to stop and pick up the sensors but Bill dragged her into the truck instead and then even reversed and hit the machine.

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