Beauty and the Beast

Answer: He appears to be about 5 years old.


Question: After Maurice finished his invention at the beginning, where was he heading?

Answer: He tells Belle that he is going to a fair but he doesn't say where it is.

Question: Gaston sings that he ate eggs to help him get large. Why didn't he say meat? Was he vegetarian? Was Disney deliberately supporting vegetarianism/respecting vegetarians? Are there any historical circumstances that I'm not aware of? Or am I just overanalyzing this matter?


Answer: In addition to eating meat, eggs would be a more readily available and cheap protein source in the village.


Answer: Eggs are full of protein. Eating a lot of eggs is an excellent way to bulk up and build muscle mass.


Eggs are not good for you if you eat too many of them.

To quote Stephen Fry: "Well of course too much is bad for you, that's what "too much" means. If you had too much water it would be bad for you, wouldn't it? "Too much" precisely means that quantity which is excessive, that's what it means. Could you ever say "too much water is good for you"? I mean if it's too much it's too much. Too much of anything is too much. Obviously." That aside, while it used to be believed that the cholesterol content of eggs was a health risk, more recent studies have shown that dietary cholesterol doesn't affect blood cholesterol levels for most people. As such there's no real maximum limit on egg consumption beyond the aforementioned "too much of anything is too much".

I don't think Gaston cares much about his cholesterol.


They didn't even know the word.


Answer: While I was waiting for this question to be accepted, I found the answer to one of my questions myself. Gaston is indeed not vegetarian, considering he mentions his hunting trophies during the aforementioned song and earlier in the movie, he tells Belle to imagine him roasting his kill on the fire place.


Question: If the beast was a young boy when he was turned into a beast, why is it the portrait of him he tears up looks like he does at the end of the film?

Answer: "Boy" is a rather broad term, and it can refer to someone who is grown but has not quite reached full manhood.


Answer: Additionally, it sometimes happened that artist made noble rulers look adult even while still young. So it could've been a historical borrowing to foreshadow his later appearance.

Question: Why were the servants cursed?

Answer: In the prologue, the narrator states "...and as punishment, she transformed him into a hideous beast and placed a powerful spell upon the castle - and all who lived there..." Long story short, it was guilt by association. After that, perhaps the Enchantress wanted him to learn how his moral ugliness affects all of those around him.

Question: Were all of the enchanted objects once people or are they just that, enchanted objects?

Answer: They were people, the staff of the castle, and are turned back to their human forms at the end of the film.


Question: How can the villagers forget about the Prince and his castle after they were cursed?

Answer: No explanation was given. It may have been that part of the curse affected those peoples' memories. The villagers may also have simply chosen to forget out fear, they believed the castle had been abandoned or was haunted, or possibly enough time had passed that it simply was ignored.


Answer: The Narrator said, "A spell was cast so that the villagers and anyone who knew of the Prince and the Castle would forget about it." When the spell was broken, the villagers could be heard saying, "there you are", "where have you been", "I remember you."

Answer: I would say she is roughly around for a year as the first scenes of the movie during the song Belle show a scenary of France in Spring. They they then spend winter in the castle and it is Spring again when the curse breaks.

Answer: It wasn't specified how long she was there.


Question: On the double-disc special edition there's a game called Break the Spell. It says that it runs over from disc one to disc two and you need a code to get to the second disc part. The code is star-moon-cloud and that's all very well and good, but where is the game on disc two? It's not a solely computer part cos the laptop isn't picking it up and I can't find it on disc two. There's three stained glass windows; Cogsworth and LumiƩre, Chip, and Mrs. Potts and I've clicked on all of them and can't find the second part of the game. Help?

Answer: With the three stained glass windows there is also another option, which is the red rose. Upon clicking it a few times the Beast will not allow you to enter, but if you are persistent and keep clicking on the rose he'll let you in eventually.

Beauty and the Beast mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Belle is taking her book back in a basket at the start of the film, its colour changes from red to blue, back to red, then purple in the book shop owner's hand, then finally red on the shelf. (00:03:00)

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Gaston: The whole town's talking about it! It's not RIGHT for a woman to read. Soon she starts getting ideas, and THINKING...!

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Trivia: When Gaston has his feet on the table at Belle's house, a bit of the mud strongly resembles Mickey Mouse's head. This follows the long standing Disney tradition of having "hidden Mickeys" in their movies.

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