Tin Cup

Tin Cup (1996)

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Roy is up by a stroke or 2 on the final hole of the US Open, until he decides to go for the green instead of laying up. The drive does land right near the cup, but rolls down the bank and goes into the water. Instead of taking a drop where it went into the water, he hits from the same spot and puts it in the drink again. He does this at least four or five times. Facing disqualification for running out of balls, he hits another shot from the same location, but this time it lands right near the cup and drops in. Roy ends up with a 12 on the final hole, but he does qualify for the Open the next year, and ends up with Rene Russo.

Happy Gilmore

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Romeo Posar: Now THAT was a defining moment. And the definition was "shit."



When Roy is about to hit the ball off the porta-potty, the TV commentator bets Romeo that he won't hit the shot onto the green. Roy's shot ends up on the fringe of the green, not on the putting surface itself (an important difference), but Dewey collects the bet.



After David Simms is interviewed by the reporters, he is stopped by an elderly couple with their grandson wanting and autograph. These are actually Kevin Costner's parents, and the child is Costner's son.