Gemini Man

Plot hole: While a tracker can certainly make it so that Junior knows where Brogan is at a given moment, it is impossible for Junior to know where exactly the plane is going to land and be lying in wait, with Brogan walking right past him. Junior would have to be well ahead of the plane in order to do that, and know exactly what direction Brogan would walk to cut him off and ambush him.


Plot hole: The villain is hellbent on killing Henry, or his secret cloning project may be exposed. His 'son' Junior fails to kill Henry in Hungary in a train of events starting at midnight, local time, and that takes at least an hour between action and mundane offscreen necessities like flight preparations. He then shows up in his office in Georgia to inform him of his failure. It was a flight over 8,000 kms long; let's factor in the 6 hours time difference between Budapest and the EST and assume he took off right away; his dad is at the office at 3 or 4 AM, unsuspecting and quietly doing other work apparently unrelated to the most important matter his whole business hinges on, not a worry about Brogan being obviously not dead (he knows where he is due to the chip). And there is enough time left in the night for all the big climax of the movie to happen, including mobilizing a large force for urban combat without a soul in the streets.

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Plot hole: Mending the wounds Junior received in the Colombian mission, Clay asks him "Did you get a look at his face?" And Junior replies "Not really. I saw him at the stairs through a dirty mirror." First big issue; do we have to believe that the guy was sent to kill Henry without knowing how he looks? We do learn later in the movie that Henry has been chipped, but Junior is stalking him as a sniper/hunter and is not using a HUD to track him. Plus, the movie explicitly negated it earlier; Henry himself in Cartagena asked Junior "Did they show you a picture of me?" to which he replied "Yeah, you look old." So Clay's question is really odd and suspect (if anything draws attention on something he should be trying to hide). Second problem; Junior fought Henry in a close-up fight at the end of the chase, the mirror bit was not their only encounter! Why would he lie to his supposed father, especially when he is trying to get answers from him? (00:47:00)

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Plot hole: Apparently, in 20 years Junior and his dad never once discussed the subject of his birthday, aka "If I am an orphan, how do we know when my birthday is." It is something that can have so many perfectly innocent explanations that Junior can't verify ("It's the day I found you" being one) that would be tremendously odd and inconsiderate of the manipulative villain to not even have conceived a shred of a back story for it (in fact he should have been the one feeding it to him first at a young age). (01:18:00)

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Revealing mistake: A major selling point of the movie is the CGI technology used to de-age Will Smith. The effect works for the most part of the movie, including scenes in daylight, but in the last handful of minutes, maybe because of the plain 'happy-ending' light used, maybe for budget reasons, the face of Junior is thoroughly unconvincing, with a dramatic drop in quality in textures and modelization. (01:44:30)

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Junior: You made a person out of another person, then you sent me to kill him. You made a choice to do this to me.

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Question: At the end of the movie, Will Smith (the older one) has a present for his son/brother/younger self; his official documents he apparently did not have. Passport, driving license and birth certificate; he congratulates him on his name choice. And he gives those to him as Junior is walking out of the college campus, which he obviously is already frequenting and where he made many friends. I know the US system allows undocumented students, but can you even enroll without the most basic ID? In particular since he is in Georgia, which reportedly is one of the strictest states about it.

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Answer: I worked at a university for over 30 years. A person cannot enroll in an accredited university or college without proper identification, educational history, transcripts, test scores, financial information, etc.

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