Other mistake: When Pelle is showing Dani the photos on his phone, the first photo he shows is of a group of women sitting on the ground and other people standing in the background. Dani then points to a symbol on the photo and we are then shown a second photo, without any action done to change it. (00:23:25)

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Other mistake: When Dani is looking at the email her sister sent her, there are three replies from Dani shown below it. The first email is listed as being sent 1 hour ago, the second was sent 42 minutes ago and the third was sent 19 minutes ago. Dani then goes on her phone and the time shown on it is 10:17PM. Later in the scene, she starts writing a fourth email to her, and the second and third email are still shown as being sent 42 minutes ago and 19 minutes ago. She then receives a call from an unknown caller and the time shown on her phone is 10:48PM, but the amount of time shown from how long ago the emails were sent hasn't changed. (00:02:55 - 00:07:05)

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Other mistake: When Dani is on her phone after trying to contact her parents, the phone is shown on the Recents page listing the most recent calls she has made. The most recent call listed is Home, where she just called and left a message. Then it is followed by Terri, then Mom, then Christian, then Dad. Each of the calls are shown to have been made 1 minute ago. The message she left after calling the house phone lasted about 45 seconds. Then after the call, she looked back at her email for a few moments before going back to her phone. No way could four additional calls have been made all within the span of one minute and still leave a message on the house phone. (00:03:15)

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Other mistake: In the end credits, the cast is listed "in order of appearance." But the cast list in no way matches the order they first appeared in. (02:47:55)

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Revealing mistake: When the Hårgas begin eating their meal after Dani is crowned May Queen, there is a shot of Dani just after the Hårgas pick up their knives and forks where she is looking over at Christian. Sitting next to her is a woman who cuts her food with a knife and fork, raises the fork to her mouth and takes a bite, but there is no food on the fork. She is just miming the actions. (02:13:15)

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Simon: So we just going to ignore the bear then?

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Trivia: During the feast in which Christian finds a pubic hair inside of his food, look closely at the drinks on the table. While the camera never calls direct attention to this, if you look closely, Christian's drink is very slightly darker than everyone else's. Earlier in the film, the camera briefly passes over a mural that depicts a woman collecting menstrual blood in a cup. (Along with the image of a woman cutting off pubic hairs, like the one Christian found in his food.) It seems Christian's drink has been laced with something he didn't expect.

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