Revealing mistake: When the Hårgas begin eating their meal after Dani is crowned May Queen, there is a shot of Dani just after the Hårgas pick up their knives and forks where she is looking over at Christian. Sitting next to her is a woman who cuts her food with a knife and fork, raises the fork to her mouth and takes a bite, but there is no food on the fork. She is just miming the actions. (02:13:15)

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Continuity mistake: When Christian takes out his phone to look up Attestupan, he is holding it with his right hand and his left index finger is lightly touching it. Then it cuts to a close-up shot of the phone and it is being held with both hands. (00:57:00)

Casual Person

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Siv: This high my fire, but no higher, no hotter.

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Trivia: The mural seen at the beginning of the film actually foreshadows the main plot of the entire movie. Pause and give it a look next time you watch.


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Question: Maybe I missed something while watching the movie. In a couple of brief scenes, they showed the severely deformed face of a woman. What was that all about?

Answer: It's actually a boy named Ruben. It's alluded to him being disfigured due to being the product of incest. In the context of the movie, Ruben is supposed to be an "oracle" who comes up with sacred scriptures, runes, etc. From what I understand, due to his deformities and cognitive disabilities, he's considered to be less "constrained" by typical mental/emotional limitations, and thus more open-minded spiritually. (Basically, they believe that because he's so simple-minded and childlike, he's open-minded enough to able to communicate with higher powers).


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