The Thing

Plot hole: As the gun-toting Norseman approaches the buildings, Garry smashes the single-pane window with his handgun. It is inconceivable that the glazing in a structure near the South Pole would be single-pane glass, that could be broken so easily.

Plot hole: Palmer is the second to be infected (if you count Bennings' being licked by dog thing), when the dog creeps up behind Palmer's shadow. And yet Palmer later says things that are inconsistent with a thing: "You gotta be f-ing kidding me," when seeing a new form of a thing as a spider. Even if this were an act in order to fit it with the humans, a thing wouldn't call everyone's attention to a thing trying to escape.

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Suggested correction: The Thing imitates humans perfectly, in order to blend in. It doesn't care about other versions of itself, especially small ones. Not drawing attention to the spider thing would only draw more attention to itself. It has much better survival chances when impersonating a human so it will do everything that human does. This includes their way of talking.


Character mistake: The last time Doc tries the defibrillator on Norris, he uses it on the abdomen instead of on the chest.

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Clark: I dunno what the hell's in there, but it's weird and pissed off, whatever it is.

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Trivia: The TV edit of the film differs widely from the theatrical release - lots of footage was purposely edited out, such as when the dead Norwegian on the table blinks, and there is also a narration. Director John Carpenter has publicly stated that he finds the TV edit embarrassing and a disgrace to his movie.

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