The Thing

Trivia: The TV edit of the film differs widely from the theatrical release - lots of footage was purposely edited out, such as when the dead Norwegian on the table blinks, and there is also a narration. Director John Carpenter has publicly stated that he finds the TV edit embarrassing and a disgrace to his movie.

Trivia: The Thing is based on a short story called, "Who Goes There?" Director John Carpenter ignored the original film and leaned heavily on the written story, which focuses on the idea that no one knows who's infected and who's not.

Mark Bernhard

Trivia: After Director John Carpenter screened his completed film, the movie studio insisted that he go back and film a scene where MacReady is in a hospital, explaining how he alone survived. Carpenter had to fight to keep the original ending.

Mark Bernhard

Trivia: In the scene after Macready visits the Norwegian base, he is explaining what he saw to everyone. Childs questions what he says calling it voodoo, while Palmer says "Chariots of the Gods, man. They practically taught the Mayans everything they knew." This is in reference to Eric Von Daniken's 1968 book Chariot of the Gods, about ancient aliens being the catalyst for our modern world. (00:39:30 - 00:40:30)

Trivia: Maybe it's just foreshadowing, but if you notice the scenes in the infirmary, the two tables are not operating tables, but portable autopsy tables. There are two of them, but nothing designed for "live" patients. Kind of makes you wonder about Doc's credentials.

Mark Bernhard

Trivia: In the scene where Mac destroys Palmer with a stick of dynamite, the explosion was much bigger than Kurt Russell had been led to expect. Watch him closely as the explosion occurs. He flinches violently and nearly falls down. It's quite comical.

Grumpy Scot

Trivia: The ruins of the American and Norwegian camps are actually the same set. Carpenter saved $750,000 by only filming the one set with different lighting rather than building a second one.

Trivia: Makeup artist Rob Bottin had a nightmare making the film; he worked for 100 days straight without going home to his family, he slept on the locker room floor of the Universal lot, he had to fight to get all of his designs in the film, and as a result of the stress, he caught double pneumonia and suffered a bleeding ulcer.

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