The Thing

Continuity mistake: In the 1982 movie, the alien ship is uncovered by the Norwegian scientists using thermite. (As seen on the films discovered by the Americans.) In the 2011 movie, it is uncovered when the Thing gets back into the ship and starts up the engines.

Plot hole: Through this film (and its predecessor) it is established that the creature imitates its victims perfectly, having all of their knowledge and memory. At the end, when the female lead tells the male lead she knew he was human because of his earring, he reaches for the wrong ear, confirming he is The Thing. Even if The Thing couldn't reproduce the earring, it would have known which ear it was supposed to be in.

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Suggested correction: It is also established in this film that the creature cannot perfectly imitate inorganic materials; the tooth fillings, metal plate, etc. Kate knows that Carter is The Thing and asks him a trick question about his earring to confirm it. The fact that The Thing reaches for the wrong ear means that it didn't know where the earring really was because it cannot perfectly imitate inorganic materials. There is no mistake here.


The mistake has nothing to do with The Thing not being able to imitate inorganic material. The mistake is The Thing has all the memories and thus should know which ear was pierced based on these memories.


Factual error: Winter in Antarctica would not have a night and day as portrayed, with the amount of light changing so much during the course of 24 hours.


Factual error: When they decide to disable the snow vehicles in order to keep anybody from leaving the base, they decide to disable the engines by cutting the spark plug wires with mechanics sheers. The only problem is that the engines in the snow vehicles (you can hear this to be true) are diesel engines - and diesel engines do not have spark plugs at all. The plugs in the movie were for gasoline engines.


Factual error: The very first time we see Kate, when she is examining the extracted specimen, she is listening to music on molded plastic headphones that were not available in 1982. Smaller headphones such as these, designed at the time for listening to Walkman-like portable equipment would have had a metal band going over the head, holding the earpieces in place.


Continuity mistake: Near the end, when the dog-thing escapes from the camp look closely, its not the same dog, that's because the standin is a different dog altogether.


Deliberate mistake: Right at the end of the film, the two Norwegians (Lars and Matias) are seen chasing after Lars' dog in a helicopter. Notice how their clothing and the interior of the helicopter are not the same as they looked in the original 1982 film by John Carpenter. It's supposed to be the same event.


Continuity mistake: When Kate scoops up the fillings with a tissue after discovering the blood in the shower, the tissue and blood shrink and change between shots.

Darius Angel

Plot hole: If the creature can't imitate inanimate material, how does it replicate the person's clothing perfectly?

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Suggested correction: It doesn't. In every case, it rips through the person's clothes, leaving them covered in blood. It tries to hide the clothing in various ways, but several times we see the blood-soaked clothes. It simply puts on new clothes.


Continuity mistake: When Carter tells Kate to put her headset on in the helicopter, the microphone on her headset moves closer and further away from her face between shots.


Adam Finch: You know, I never believed in this shit.
Jonas: I always did.

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Trivia: The fire effects throughout were done practically instead of digitally via clever in-camera effects and the use of special suits, gels and rigs allowing for precisely-controlled burns and for stuntmen to remain aflame longer.

Erik M.
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Question: In the last part of the movie, how are they supposed to drive the snow vehicles? There is a scene before where they cut the wires of all the vehicles to disable them for the quarantine. Am I missing something?

Michele SoIntense Anghileri

Chosen answer: By disabling the snow vehicles, they are making sure that the creature can't use them to escape from the quarantine zone. Since the creature can assimilate anybody, it would probably know how to use one.

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