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Continuity mistake: When Richard and Francoise are making love on the beach. They begin kissing deep under the water and continue all the way to the top. When they reach the surface they can stand up in the water which appears to be waist-level.

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Continuity mistake: The photo that Richard downloads at the end is clearly not the one taken earlier. There are people in different positions, and one guy who was standing on the ground when the picture was taken is missing completely.


Continuity mistake: The size of Richard's fish changes size when he stabs it with the spear. It also goes from having no stripes to stripes.

The Beach mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When they first get to the island and they are playing cricket, Keety is telling them all the rules of the game and asks "who doesn't understand?" Richard and Etiene raise their hands - when the angle changes, Richard's other hand is raised.


Continuity mistake: At the end, you see Richard downloading the picture from Francoise. In the first shot of the computer downloading the picture, you see an ad at the top of the computer screen. In the second shot of the computer it's not there. In the third shot of the computer it's back again.

The Beach mistake picture

Continuity mistake: Daffy tears the screen between his room and Richard's to talk to him. The tears are different when Richard jumps up to talk back.


Continuity mistake: When Richard and Daffy are smoking a joint in the hotel the length of the roach and the colour of the rolling paper change between shots.


Continuity mistake: When the four tourists are killed by the farmers the last one to die is the girl with the map in her hand. When she falls the map is in a stream of water and starts to float away. Two shots later the map is secure under her hand.


Revealing mistake: When they are burying the Swede on the beach, you can see him blink when they throw sand into grave.

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Richard: I had nothing left to offer but pure reflex. Pure reflex and mankind's basic drive for survival, that somehow shouts, "no - I will not DIE today!"

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Question: Where did the filming for this movie take place? I assume there are many different areas, but the place I'm most interested in is the lagoon, where we see the brothers fishing, and where Richard has his encounter with the shark. Also, is this a populated area? It looks like it could be a good tourist attraction.


Chosen answer: It's Ko Phi Phi Leh island off the coast of Thailand. It's a protected area, off the beaten path, and tourism is discouraged. There are resorts on nearby islands.

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