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Trivia: The movie being about the start of a major worldwide war (with a heavy use of technology too), an interesting coincidence can be seen in the first truck chase sequence. Just as John and the Terminator speed under the bridge that the T-1000 crashes into, a height warning on the bridge can be read which says "CAUTION 9-11". The truck smashes right into it. (00:36:15)

Trivia: During the opening future war scene, some of the human soldiers are armed with M41A pulse rifles from James Cameron's earlier film "Aliens" (1986).

Trivia: The roiling pit of molten steel where the Terminator and T-1000 meet their ends is actually a Plexiglas trough which was filled with a mixture of water, powdered sugar and mineral oil, and lit from below with orange lights.

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Trivia: The Terminator determines the T-1000 has killed John's foster parents when he asks about the family's dog and gives them the wrong name, Wolfie, which is the name of James Cameron's German Shepherd.

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Trivia: For the sound of T-1000 passing through metal bars, Rydstom simply inverted an open can of dog food and recorded the close-packed food as it oozed slowly out.


Trivia: Over 1 million feet of film was shot and printed. That is 189.39 miles / 304.8 kilometers.

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Trivia: Throughout the 9 months of making the film, Edward Furlong's voice had got deeper, so they had to artificially pitch his voice higher to ensure it maintained a constant pitch throughout the film.


Trivia: When the T-800 is walking through the mall, he has got a box of Roses that is concealing a Gun. This is in reference to Guns N' Roses, who recorded the movie theme song "You Could Be Mine". Arnold also appeared in the music video, referencing lead singer, Axl Rose, as a "waste of ammo". (00:30:05)

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Trivia: The look of the T-1000 after its freezing in liquid nitrogen was created by covering actor Robert Patrick's face and head with finely chopped reflective cellophane Christmas garlands and then spraying over with canned flocking.

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Trivia: The character of Sarah was originally to have a knife scar on her upper lip to make her look harder and more feral than she did in the first film. However, since this would have meant a detailed makeup job every day, the concept was dropped after the first day or two of shooting. In some of the desert scenes, you can still see the scar if you look closely.

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Trivia: Originally Michael Biehn was going to return...as the T-1000. The initial pitch was to turn the dynamic of the first film on its head completely by having the T-1000's default form look like Kyle Reese to contrast the T-800 being a good guy, with a longer sub-plot where Sarah had to deal with her savior and lover now being Skynet's weapon. The studio execs, however, vetoed this idea as too offputting to audiences, thus leading to Cameron going with the then unknown Robert Patrick as the T-1000.

Trivia: Van Ling the FX coordinator makes a cameo as one of the assistants in Cyberdine.


Trivia: The dream sequence where Sarah sees the nuclear bomb go off and destroys the city, is still regarded as the most accurate depiction of the devastation a nuke would cause to a city and people ever put on film.

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Trivia: It's mentioned here that Linda Hamilton's twin is used in the foundry scenes. The parts of the Guard and identical T-1000 copy in the hospital are played by Don and Dan Stanton. They have appeared in several other movies, always side by side.

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Trivia: James Cameron apparently wanted Billy Idol to play the T-1000. A motorcycle accident prevented Idol from commiting.[src]

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Trivia: The sound effect of the alarm heard when the liquid nitrogen truck crashes in the steel works factory is the same sound effect heard from the cargo ship that rescues Tom Hanks near the end of "Cast Away."


Trivia: One of the things the T-800's scans indicates about people is their "somatotype"; ectomorph, endomorph, or mesomorph. This is a classification system developed in the 40's about people's body type.


Trivia: The guard (who gets the poker cup) played by the Stanton twins, is named Lewis. In their previous role, "Gremlins 2: The New Batch", Dan played a scientist named Lewis (with Don playing his twin, Martin).


Trivia: After the T-1000 pushes the T-800 through the window in the mall, the blonde woman besides the guy with the camera was a Linda Hamilton stunt double.


Terminator 2: Judgment Day trivia picture

Trivia: To create the effect where the smashed T-1000 liquefies and comes back together, frozen pieces of Mercury were put on a hotplate. They melted and ran together into a puddle.


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Continuity mistake: When the T-1000 is driving the truck, he drives off a bridge and the windshield pops off, but in the next scene the windshield is back. (00:33:45)

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Dr. Silberman: You broke my arm!
Sarah Connor: There's 215 bones in the human body. That's one.

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Question: One of the taglines for this film is "It's nothing personal". I have no idea what that has to do with the film and was hoping someone could explain it.

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It's also a sly nod to another famous tagline, Jaws: The Revenge. "This time it's personal."


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