Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Corrected entry: Sarah Connor is in the maximum security wing of a mental hospital, and she picks the lock of her cell with a paperclip. What sort of maximum security is this? The Escape At Your leisure kind? Why on earth is there a keyhole on the inside of the door?

Correction: To allow orderlies and workers to exit with the keys they carry.

Phil C.

Corrected entry: If John Connor is only 10, why is he allowed to own and ride a motorcycle without the police saying or doing anything?

Correction: One, John looks much older than his ten years, so any cop that saw him might believe he was old enough to ride the bike legally. Two, who says the police never say or do anything? We know that John has already had several brushes with the law; the bike is just another example.

Phil C.

Corrected entry: Miles Dyson gets shot in the shoulder by Sarah Connor in his house. In the Special Edition DVD, he picks up an axe (with his good arm) and swings it pretty hard to destroy the CPU he had been working on. This would be nearly impossible since he was in so much pain from his other shoulder being shot.

Correction: Maybe. Except he was running on adrenaline by then, and would also have really wanted to go after the symbol that has caused him so much frustration over the past years. Also, he would understandably have quite a bit of rage towards it after the Terminator revealed what would happen in the future. Pain is only temporary.

Phil C.

Corrected entry: In Terminator 1, when the Cyborgs land in our time, they land on falt ground with the area around them virtually unaffected. But in T2, a large fireball of sorts forms around them, making the ground curved underneath them.

Correction: It depends EXACTLY where they materialise. They always come in a spherical fireball thing, but, for example, in the first movie Micheal Biehn is transported to a location about 20 feet in the air (a botched job perhaps?) so can't burn a hole in the ground, whereas part of Arnie's sphere in the second movie does touch the ground, so leaves an impression.


Corrected entry: When Sarah takes the broken broomstick and hits the psycho-ward guard in the face, you see a large amount of blood come out of his mouth and spray back. When she starts dragging him into the empty cell, there is no blood on the floor.

Correction: The blood only shows up as a reflective streak on the floor, because of the angle of the light, and the colour isn't obvious, but there is definitely blood on the floor as she starts to drag him away. The floor seems pretty clean when she comes out again, but the blood could have been wiped away as she dragged the body over it.

STP Premium member

Corrected entry: When the orderlies are trying to restrain Sarah in the hallway Arnold comes along to rescue her. How does no one see a big man dress in black leather (in a white hallway) with a shotgun before he actually attacks them?

Correction: It's certainly not outside the realms of possibility that they are so concentrated on subduing Sarah (think of what she's just done. this is a highly dangerous person) that they simply don't notice him until he's right near them.

STP Premium member

Corrected entry: When Sara beats the guard up with the end of the broom handle she hits him in the face very hard causing a lot of blood on the guard's face. Then she hits him in the back of the knees landing with his bleeding face flat on the floor. When Sara comes back from dumping the body in the closet and picks up the guard's things the floor is completely clean, no blood anywhere.

Correction: Duplicated mistake


Corrected entry: I don't know why Sarah bothered filling the syringe (to threaten a warden) with all those chemicals, injecting air into the bloodstream is just as deadly, and would probably lead to a faster death because it blocks the heart and obscures the brain, rather than blood poisoning which takes about twice as long.

Correction: The only way the air would kill is if she had hit a vein or artery. She plunged the needle in way to deep to hit either. Plus, the chemicals would cause more fear, which was her goal at the time. Additionally, it takes more than one small syringe of air to kill someone. The amount of air needed to kill a person is far more than most people realize.


Corrected entry: When they are going into the Cyberdyne building, T800 leaves the guns BY THE DOORS. Yet, when the police are blasting away at them, he suddenly, magically has them.

Correction: They left the guns, explosives, and everything else outside the front door so they would be able to lull the guard at the desk into a sense of security and could get rid of him before he tripped the silent alarm. Once they tied him up and left him in the bathroom, they would have gone back outside to get the weapons and explosives.

Phil C.

Corrected entry: Arnold wrenches his own arm off to get out of the gears and save the Conners. Yet he later melts himself so his parts can't be used as a design to build Skynet, the villain behind all this. Remember that it was designed the first time around by the arm and chip of the T-800 from the first movie. WHAT HAPPENED TO HIS ARM? They throw the original arm and chip in after Arnold, but they never go back to get the arm in the gears. I think the answer to this is that they wanted to leave an explanation for T3, if they want to. (02:08:50)

Correction: Most likely the arm was smashed beyond recognition making anybody who discovered it pass it off as just some metal scrap. Regardless, most work was done on the chip - the arm wasn't all that advanced.


Corrected entry: How exactly did the T-1000 get through the time portal? After all, he is not living tissue, nor is he surrounded by it like the T-800's. You can't argue that the time equipment has been updated since both Terminators in this movie still come back naked and unarmed. (00:10:00)

Correction: Unlike the T-800s, the T-1000 is a highly advanced prototype made of "poly-alloy". That "poly-alloy" could perhaps contain some type of living tissue that allowed him to pass through the time portal. He could have also been surrounded by tissue during his transportation (which we never actually saw, by the way) and simply removed it after coming through.


Corrected entry: When Arnie drives the police truck back into the cyberdyne building front lobby to rescue Sarah and John from the lift (after the swat team have shot gas into the lobby), the front desk in the middle of the lobby has miraculously disappeared, which allows the truck room to spin around and get everyone out. Had it been there then the truck would have smashed into it.

Correction: It is there, and the truck does smash into it. It's quite a long way back from the front doors, but you can see when the truck spins side on that it knocks it down the corridor. The truck's facing the short corridor down towards the toilet where the guard was put.


Corrected entry: In Sara Connor's dream the nuke goes off and the buildings are exploding, the buildings structures remain but when you are that close to a nuclear blast, metals instantly vaporise.

Correction: In Sarah's dreams with the nuke, as she is not a nuclear scientist, she would not know exactly how different objects would behave so close to a nuclear blast, and as it is a dream, it does not have to obey the natural laws (physics etc.).


Corrected entry: If the machines were developed by the technology from studying the first Terminator's chip and arm at Cyberdine systems where did the the research come from to create the first Terminator arm and chip?

Correction: This question answers itself. The research to create the very first arm and chip (and the rest of the robot) comes from studying the real thing from the first sent-back terminator. Note that the very first arm and chip is the ones produced by cyberdine, not the ones sent back in time.


Corrected entry: At the start of the first film, the robots and the HK's all use lasers to waste the humans, but in the flash backs in the sequel, they are using bullet-firing automatic weapons. Why would the most advanced technology ever created switch to inferior weaponry?

Correction: They are actually using pulse rifles that fire short laser blasts. They just appear in some scenes like they are firing bullets because of the flames that shoot out of the guns barrels.


Corrected entry: At the start of the film at Cyberdyne Systems, the recruit tells Dyson that he has to sign for a test on the arm and the chip. He then walks through an area where people are wearing protective overalls. How come he doesn't need one or did they just contaminate the whole production area?

Correction: Some clean rooms don't require everyone to wear a cleansuit, because the suits are there to keep hair and skin flakes from the researchers from falling onto the project they're working on. Someone walking through the area like Dyson and his assistant (or a custodian getting a trash can) don't pose enough of a threat to most cleanroom work like that to require suits.


Corrected entry: Listen to Sarah Conner's bare feet as she runs through the insane asylum. Her feet squeak on the floor with the sound of regular shoes.

Correction: Bare feet on a freshly waxed floor can sound like shoes.


Corrected entry: In the scene where the Terminator shoots at the police with a revolving barrelled gun from a floor of the Cyberdyne building if you look closely you would see that the ammunition strip containing the bullets does not move. This is unusual considering spent shells were raining down from the gun. At least the strip should flip about a bit.

Correction: The revolving barrelled "mini-gun" has an ammunition supplied as correctly stated by a belt but it is housed in a flexible outer casing. The belt moves at such high speed due to the weapons massive rate of fire it needs this outer case to ensure a reliable supply of the belted ammunition, as exposed ammunition moving at such high speed could pose a danger to the operator and would easily be snagged against cover or other obstacles.


Correction: One possible reason why no movement would be visible could be the framerate at which the scene was recorded. Each time a frame was taken, the bullets also had moved down. A similar effect happens with helicopters that are being filmed, the rotors appear frozen while in reality, they obviously rotate around.

The effect you describe does not occur on film, but only in video. Film uses a much slower capture rate, while video uses a much faster capture rate, producing odd optical effects in video that do not appear in film.

Charles Austin Miller

This is not correct. The effect is called the wagon wheel effect and can be seen in countless old westerns. A higher frame rate is actually less likely to produce the effect.

Corrected entry: According to a biographical documentary, Arnold Schwarzenegger only agreed to do the sequel if his role is more family-friendly, hence the "No killing" rule written for his character.


Correction: Copied verbatim from IMDB.

Grumpy Scot

Corrected entry: After the Terminator tells Dyson what his work will eventually do, Dyson speaks several lines of dialogue. If you pay close attention to Sarah during this scene, you will see her mouthing his lines. (01:27:30)

Correction: She is repeating what she has heard a million times, in the last film. She is pointing out Dyson's guilt in a very telling and sarcastic manner.

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Continuity mistake: When the T-1000 is driving the truck, he drives off a bridge and the windshield pops off, but in the next scene the windshield is back. (00:33:45)

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The Terminator: I need your clothes, boots and your motorcycle.
Cigar Biker: You forgot to say please.

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Trivia: The minigun that the Terminator (Arnie) uses in the Cyberdyne scene was so heavy that Arnold Schwarzenegger was the only person on set strong enough to lift it.

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Question: Does anyone know what game John Connor was playing in the arcade when the T-1000 found him?

Gavin Jackson

Chosen answer: He's initially playing Missile Command, then he goes to play After Burner.

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