Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Corrected entry: Given Arnold Schwarzenegger's $15-million salary and his total of 700 words of dialog, he was paid $21,429 per word. "Hasta la vista, baby" cost $85,716.


Correction: Copied verbatim from IMDB.

Grumpy Scot

Corrected entry: The world famous phrase "Hasta la Vista, Baby" is translated to "Sayonara, Baby" in the Spanish version of the film.


Correction: Copied verbatim from IMDB.

Grumpy Scot

Corrected entry: As the pilot of the SWAT helicopter opens the door and jumps out, he looks as though he is preparing for a stunt jump - possible for a mat which was below. If I was in that situation, I would not care so much as preparing myself for such an event, as to be flapping my arms in terror.


Correction: That would be your opinion/point of view. Me personally, I would prepare myself landing on the ground. Just like the pilot.


Corrected entry: When T-1000 crashes the truck into the wall as he veers up a slope, if you watch it carefully it is blatantly obvious that there is noone inside the truck itself.Furthermore, if all it took was an explosion to cripple him (seen towards the end of the film), why did this particular one not cripple him?


Correction: An explosion within his body is completely different to an explosion externally. i.e. Firecracker on an open hand versus an firecracker in a closed fist. As for the empty truck, another entry has already been submitted.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Terminator appears for the first time he arrives in a sphere that burns everything in its way, the tires from the trailer are affected by this but the trailer doesn't fall down like it should. (00:06:20)

Correction: Since the trailer has dual rear axles, and only the rear-most pair of tires were chopped, there's no reason an empty trailer would drop the slightest bit, and we can see thru the opening that there's no cargo near to new hole.


Corrected entry: In the scene where the T-1000 has copied Janelle and is talking on the phone in her kitchen, there are two plastic water bottles on top of the refrigerator. A moment later after the T-1000 changes back into its policeman form, one of the water bottles has disappeared and the other has moved. (00:42:30)

Correction: The later camera angle is so low, the refrigerator is blocking the view of the other bottles. It can't be known if they are no longer there.


Corrected entry: In "The Terminator," Reese explains to the police that the time disruptor has been destroyed, meaning he can't get back to his future: "No one goes back. No one else gets through. It's just him and me." T2 ignores this, and it is never explained.

Correction: Just because something is not explained in a film, that doesn't make it a mistake. Skynet sent two Terminators back - one to 1984 to target Sarah Connor, one to 1994 to target John Connor as a failsafe measure in case the first one failed. Reese was sent back to 1984, where that situation is exactly what he says it is; it's just him against the Terminator and nobody else is coming to help. The reprogrammed T-800 was sent back to 1994 to face the T-1000, then Connor's forces destroyed the timejump apparatus. Nothing there contradicts Reese's statement.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: Why didn't the liquid metal Terminator get sent back in time wearing cloths that were also made of liquid metal? The Terminator is already made of a material that can both travel back in time (is organic) and can morph into other things (is metal). Obviously it wasn't because Skynet had no records of what styles would look unusual at any given time period because even a machine would know that being completely naked is more unusual (thus more noticeable) than being oddly dressed.

Correction: What's the point? He's going to kill and replace someone anyway, probably extremely quickly. Morphing some clothes would just waste time and energy. Plus being naked is more likely to draw someone of authority to you (police, paramedic, whatever) which is a more useful person to kill and replace than some random guy.

Gary O'Reilly

Corrected entry: In the beginning when Dyson is heading for the vault with the first terminator's chip and arm, he walks through a door and holds it open for the cameraman following him. It kind of looks like he's holding it open for the audience... (00:25:35)

Correction: Some people instinctively hold doors open as they walk through in case people are behind them. Not a mistake.

Ssiscool Premium member

Corrected entry: The tanker truck continues to drive on even after having a grenade explode in its grille. No vehicle, no matter how large, can withstand a fully-armed RPG grenade. The truck's engine would have been damaged beyond repair.

Correction: First: It wasn't a Rocket Powered Grenade (RPG), it was an M79 grenade launcher, which fires a fragmentation grenade. Would damage a truck but not necessarily disable it.

Corrected entry: DVD version. In the elevator scene, after Arnie shoots the T-1000 in the head, you can see the Doctor behind standing against the window. Three seconds later, after the shot inside the elevator where Sarah Connor asks what the fuck is going on, you see the T-1000 again in the next shot, but the Doctor has made a quick exit. (01:00:05)

Correction: If I had just watched the T-1000 walk through a wall of bars and Arnie take 10-15 bullets without flinching, I would make a "quick exit" too. Probably one approaching the speed of sound. And can you see the floor in that scene? He might have fainted and be out of the camera's view.

Grumpy Scot

Corrected entry: In T2: Special Edition, John and Sarah open up the Terminator's head and switch his chip to write mode so he can learn to be more human, because "Skynet presets the switch to read-only when [a Terminator] is sent out alone." However in the original film, the Terminator is shown learning phrases like "Nice night for a walk" and "Fuck you, asshole" from the street punks in the park.

Correction: Picking up a few local phrases is a necessary part of creating a cover, which may be required while tracking a subject; if Terminators were incapable of learning anything at all, it would restrict their ability to infiltrate. The switch that John and Sarah flip is one that prevents the Terminator from learning on an unrestricted basis, which could lead to their neural net developing to the point where it could begin to question Skynet's orders.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: You would think that a shockwave that could destroy buildings, buses, trees, humans, etc., would also destroy playground equipment.

Jack Kaltenbach

Correction: The nuke and shockwave are both occurring in Sarah's dream meaning they don't have to follow the laws of physics.

Grumpy Scot

Corrected entry: Sarah says that the first terminator attacked her in 1984. This makes no sense. There are two ways to think about it. 1: John looks about thirteen years old, but thirteen years after the attack is 1997. Judgement Day. There wouldn't be enough time to have the third movie. 2: John's police record says he is ten, but that would mean the year is 1994. He is definitely not 13 in the third movie.

Jack Kaltenbach

Correction: The only real mistake here, is that the actor playing John looks older than 10. The 2nd movie takes place in 1994, when John is suppose to be 10. The 3rd movie takes place in 2004, when he is suppose to be 20. The 3rd movie can happen in 2004, because the events of the 2nd movie delayed judgment day from 1997 to 2004.


Corrected entry: The first movie takes place in 1984 and this one takes place in 1991 making John seven at the most. However, his police file says he is ten.

Jack Kaltenbach

Correction: The movie was *released* in 1991, but it actually takes place in 1994. The Terminator states that Cyberdyne becomes the largest supplier of military computer systems and Skynet goes online in August 1997. He also says he was given orders by John "35 years from now," which would coincide with the 2029 date.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: This movie takes place in L.A. You must be at least 21 to have a motorcycle licence in California. I'm pretty sure John isn't 21.

Jack Kaltenbach

Correction: A kid that steals money from ATMs is not likely to care whether he has a license or not.

Sacha Premium member

Corrected entry: During the final chase scenes with the liquid nitrogen semi, the orange lights on top of the truck's cab change back and forth from 3 lights lit to all 5 lights lit between a few shots.

Correction: Easily explained as a short in the wiring after all the bumping and grinding the truck has done. My car has a parking and tail light that work intermittently exactly like that.

Corrected entry: In the scene in steel mill where Arnold Schwarzenegger is lowered into the molten steel, he melts but the chain does not.

Correction: The chain is obviously made out of a metal that has a higher melting point than steel. Steel, on average, will melt at about 2500°F - 2800°F. But there are a number of metals that don't begin melting until MUCH higher temps are reached. Titanium's melting point is over 3000°F, and even more impressive is Tungsten's melting point at over 5500°F.

Corrected entry: When hiding in the gas station, the T-800 mentions to Sara and John that it has "detailed files on the human anatomy". However, when they are escaping the hospital, and John is crying, he asks "what's wrong with your eyes?" Though he may not understand the emotional motives for crying, he should know about it in a biological sense, and thus know that it is happening.

Correction: Tears serve non-emotion purpose as well. They provide lubrication and rinse out debris. Seeing tears and unaware of the emotional motives, T-800 assumes something must be in John's eyes and asks a reasonable question.


Corrected entry: In the sequence where the T-1000 is on the back of the police car with the hook hands, he smashes the rear window. The amount of glass left on the window changes seven times.

Correction: It was badly damaged so more glass could've fallen out through time.

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Continuity mistake: The T-1000 punches his body through the window of a helicopter to get inside. An instant later, the hole in the windshield is gone. (01:56:35)

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The Terminator: I need your clothes, boots and your motorcycle.
Cigar Biker: You forgot to say please.

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Trivia: The minigun that the Terminator (Arnie) uses in the Cyberdyne scene was so heavy that Arnold Schwarzenegger was the only person on set strong enough to lift it.

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