Terminator 2: Judgment Day
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Continuity mistake: During the chase scene after the T-1000 commandeers the tow truck, the shadows are inconsistent from shot to shot. Understandable, as each shot was made at different times during the day, but still noticeable. (00:32:00)

Continuity mistake: The T-1000 arrives at the steel mill and grabs a striped coloured handlebar. The place he places his hand differs between the wide and close-up angles.

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Continuity mistake: When John Connor holds the Terminator's jacket up to the light in the shed in Mexico it's full of holes. You see the back of it when they leave (to chase Sarah) and there are no holes. (01:30:25)

Continuity mistake: This is during the Special Edition's chip removal scene. There is a point where the shot is of the Terminator's POV. In the foreground a pair of pliers moves vertically through the frame. However, in the "reflection," Sarah Conner is already tinkering with the Terminator's head. Apparently Linda Hamilton (who played Sarah) and her twin sister were out of synch for that shot. (01:11:00)

Continuity mistake: As the Terminator and the rest are escaping from Cyberdyne Systems in the police van, the helicopter explodes about five feet before it hits the van. (01:59:00)

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Continuity mistake: As the T-800 is weaving around the back of the semi-truck just before the end of the aqueduct chase, there is a panel of some sort dangling around the back along with the licence plate. From the far shots the licence plate is gone, and the panel is bolted on on. This changes about two times. (00:37:20)

Continuity mistake: The Winchester 1887 lever action rifle is shown with different levers as the Terminator needs them. When on foot, the lever is of a standard narrow type and when on the bike, it has a large lever loop that also has a metal hand plate attached to it, making it easier for Arnold to flip-cock the gun when reloading. (00:32:20 - 00:36:35)


Continuity mistake: Throughout the aqueduct chase, the crane on the back of the semi goes from swinging back and forth in an upright position to being bolted down about four times. (00:36:00)

Continuity mistake: When Sarah runs into the corridor to smack the guy with a broom handle, we see a close-up of him having just emerged from a store-room and turned round, standing right next to the door. There's then a very brief shot of Sarah swinging towards him, then a white flash. When we cut out to a wider shot, he's suddenly in the middle of the corridor, with no time to have moved there. (00:52:40)

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Continuity mistake: During the chase in the beginning, Arnie shoots out the left front tire of the truck causing it to come mostly off the rim; yet when it runs into the divide and explodes, the tire is completely inflated again. (00:37:45)


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Continuity mistake: In the scene where the Terminator and John are at the pay phone John picks the gun off the floor, it's cocked when it's in his hand, but as soon as he passes it to the Terminator, it's not cocked any more. (00:47:30)

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Continuity mistake: When the T-1000 is chasing John in the black tow truck, after the truck goes off the bridge you can see that the truck has two tall exhaust pipes behind the cab. Then right after the truck hits the 2nd old car it shows a shot from behind the truck and the pipes are suddenly cut off. (00:34:55)

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Continuity mistake: In the car chase just before the final encounter in the foundry, the T-800 slams on the SWAT van's brakes and the helicopter slams into it, crushing the choppers front. A second later it is in reasonably good shape. (02:04:00)

Continuity mistake: In the bar scene after the biker burns the Terminator's chest with the cigar, it leaves a burn mark. Another biker comes behind him and hits him with a pool cue-the burn mark has disappeared, and then re-appeared in the next frame when he grabs that biker. (00:08:20)

Continuity mistake: When the T-1000 has stolen a police-motorbike, you can see this is a highway-bike when approaching the building, but becomes a cross bike when going up the stairs. Easiest way to tell is the engine note and the tread on the front tyre. (01:54:45)

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Continuity mistake: When the SWAT van crashes through Cyberdyne's front doors into the lobby, it comes to rest with the rear doors closed. When Sarah and John Connor enter it, it's in a different position and the rear doors are fully open. (02:00:35)

Continuity mistake: When the T-1000 is chasing Sarah, John, and the Terminator in the nitrogen truck, just before Arnie fires the first grenade, a blue car comes between them forming a diagonal line across the road (the Terminator, blue car, truck). After a brief close-up on the Terminator shooting, we cut back to a wide shot, the blue car's disappeared, and the truck's now directly behind him, Sarah, and John; not enough time for them to move like that. (02:01:40)

Continuity mistake: When Sarah is escaping from the hospital there is a scene where the T-1000 walks straight through a metal-barred door. If you look where the doctor is standing you will notice that the T-1000 clearly walks past him after he walks through the door. However, in the next sequence when the T-1000 is shooting his gun, he is way behind him. (00:59:30)

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Continuity mistake: During the aqueduct chase the amount of damage to the semi-trailer truck changes repeatedly. Damage to the semi's grille is severe, then is not. This happens about three times. (00:35:20)

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Continuity mistake: When Sarah carves "No Fate" into the desk, the tip of the knife curves toward her, then you see it facing away, then when John grabs it from the desk its tip is back toward him. (01:32:45)

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Continuity mistake: When the T-1000 is driving the truck, he drives off a bridge and the windshield pops off, but in the next scene the windshield is back. (00:33:45)

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Dr. Silberman: You broke my arm!
Sarah Connor: There's 215 bones in the human body. That's one.

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Trivia: The insert car driver (towing the bike ridden by Eddie Furlong) was warned at the very beginning of the scene where John rides out of the mall and the T-1000 is chasing him, that Robert Patrick could run exceptionally well. The driver confidently said that Patrick wouldn't catch him. However, on the very first take, Patrick ran right up and tapped Furlong on the shoulder. So if this was real life, the human race would be in trouble.

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Question: Why did the T-1000 kill the officer in the beginning and steal his clothes? Later we see the uniform heal so we know he can create clothing.


Answer: He didn't steal his clothes, but copied them. He can only copy things that he physically touches. He had to touch the cop to take on his look. Also since the cop was a witness to this ruthless killing machine, it needed to kill him to protect itself from being discovered too soon. The Terminator is an infiltration unit on an assassination mission to kill John Connor. As advanced as it is, it needs as little attention drawn to it as possible. Having the entire police force chasing him down would not be ideal for his goal to get Connor and would inevitably slow him down and risk allowing Connor a better chance of escape. The T 1000 also is an emotionless machine programmed by other machines that are intent on killing off all humans in the future. It doesn't value human life, and if anything has been programmed to regard them as a pest to be dealt with. The cop was a means to an ends and an obstacle to take out. As well, the cop did also posses a weapon, and was the T-1000's quickest way to get his hands on a gun.

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Answer: While the T-1000 did kill the officer at the beginning (which is pretty much standard behavior for Terminators), it didn't steal the officer's clothes. It merely sampled the officer's appearance as soon as it touched him. However, it did steal the officer's firearm, because the T-1000 could not mimic complex mechanical objects or weapons (it could only mimic stabbing and cutting weapons).

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