Bohemian Rhapsody

Trivia: Adam Lambert has a cameo as the truck driver who looks at Freddy in the phone booth.


Trivia: In the film, Freddie discovers that he's HIV positive in 1985, prior to Live Aid, when in fact he didn't find out until the spring of 1987, after the 'Magic' tour.

Trivia: After Freddie announces that Jim Beach will be called "Miami", Mike Meyers gives a brief nod to "Dr. Evil" when he says "'Riiight'... now that everyone has an acceptable name."

Trivia: Queen was never in danger of breaking up due to Freddie's solo album deal with CBS. In fact, Roger Taylor was the first band member to do a solo album and had already released two before Freddie released his first album.

Trivia: Freddie didn't meet Mary after a performance by Smile nor at Biba. Freddie Mercury met Mary while she was dating Brian. When they broke up, Freddie asked Brian if it was OK for him to ask out Mary.

Trivia: Paul Prenter was actually fired as Freddie's manager after the Live Aid concert, not before it.

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Trivia: While Bryan Singer is the sole credited director, three different people served as director for the film. Singer started production, but was fired because he began to behave erratically on-set and would frequently disappear for days on end. (Singer claimed his behavior was due to "pressing health matters.") Cinematographer Newton Thomas Sigel then stepped in to direct the film for the period immediately after Singer's departure. Finally actor and filmmaker Dexter Fletcher was hired by Fox to direct the final two weeks of principal photography and oversee the editing and reshoots of the film. Due to union rules, Singer was the only credited director, with Fletcher instead being given an executive producer credit for his contributions.


Trivia: Rami Malek had prosthetic teeth made to recreate Freddie's prominent overbite. Rami kept the teeth as a memento and had them cast in gold.

Trivia: When the first credits end, there's a POV shot of Freddie walking on stage. As stated on the making-of, the crowd was copy-pasted using CGI. Pause the shot: At the 7 o'clock position and the 4 o'clock one you can spot the same guy 3 times (big screen recommended).

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Trivia: Roger Taylor and Brian May make a cameo on the set of the TV show Top of the Pops" in 1974.


Trivia: Luke Deacon, son of John Deacon, makes a cameo while Freddie is in the hall looking for the band "Smile."


Trivia: Brian May's daughter Emily Ruth makes a cameo while Queen is about to play on TV.


Trivia: At the beginning while the FOX logo is shown, the guitar of Brian May and the drums of Roger Taylor can be heard.


Trivia: The film has Queen hiring John Reid in 1974 prior to the release of 'Killer Queen', they did not hire him until 1975, also the film has Freddie meeting his partner Jim Hutton when Jim was employed as a catering assistant, Jim Hutton actually worked as a barber and Freddie met him in the Heaven nightclub.

Factual error: We see Fat Bottomed Girls being performed in 1975 in the USA. The song wasn't played live for the first time until 1978.

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Question: What is the significance of the bar scene they keep cutting to during the live aid performance? It does not appear to be the same door that Freddie first played with Smile so I'm not sure the significance. Also, who is the blonde guy with glasses sitting next to Bob Geldof when Bob is asking for money? That's supposed to be someone famous?

Answer: It's not any specific bar, it's just a very common trope in this kind of movie to show everyday people in a bar/pub watching/responding to a massive televised event (cf. V for Vendetta). The guy sitting next to Bob Geldof is David Hepworth, who's not super famous; he's a British music journalist and was a co-presenter of Live Aid.

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