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There are some good performances here (specifically Rami Malek as Freddie Mercury) and the film has a lot of scenes that I enjoyed. Specifically, the scenes where they were creating the songs and the Live Aid concert at the end. However, as a whole, it fell short. It never felt like it had a compelling story at its core or have anything to say, so there was not enough for it to leave an impact.

Casual Person

A very good biopic but does stretch the truth in places. Don't consider this to be the complete truth. But still a good watch.


Factual error: In a scene in 1980, Brian May is teaching everyone the beat for his new song "We Will Rock You." However that song was released in 1977.

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Ray Foster: It goes on forever, six bloody minutes!
Freddie Mercury: I pity your wife if you think six minutes is forever.

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Trivia: Adam Lambert has a cameo as the truck driver who looks at Freddy in the phone booth.

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