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Other mistake: Vers enters the second escape pod. She crash lands on Earth, inside Blockbuster, at night. Somehow, the 4 Skrulls are shown later in the movie as landing together, and in broad daylight. That's nonsensical, considering Vers left behind an exploding ship, so they all left together. And one left even before she did (first escape pod). (00:23:10 - 00:25:00)

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Other mistake: When Vers is using the payphone across from Blockbuster, the phone says it costs 25 cents for a call, but down below there is a big notice on the phone saying effective Nov. 1, 1995 the rate is going up to 25 cents. Trouble is it is June 1995, still five months before the rate change, and yet it already costs 25 cents. (00:25:40)


Other mistake: One already wonders how fast can SHIELD possibly get to the facility itself once Fury pages them, but when Fury and Vers get into the archive, the clock shows it's 2 PM. After a few minutes browsing, he gets a message on his pager from Keller simply saying the message has been received. He leaves 'for a minute' apparently to go greet them (already?) and comes back; when he walks into the archive the clock shows it's 3 PM. (00:46:15 - 00:51:00)

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Other mistake: Vers saves Fury, blowing a hole in the ceiling and somehow getting to the upper floor (why she does not blast holes for the remaining floors as well is unclear). They should be then at -4 from the -5 they were in, but they are shown ascending a flight of stairs, at the top of which Coulson lets them enter the door for level -4.

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Other mistake: One blast of the stun weapon by the Skrulls is all it takes to KO Carol long enough to be kidnapped, taken aboard the ship and brain probed, but in the fight scene that ensues she gets hit multiple times and just shrugs it off like it's nothing.

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Other mistake: Motorcycle guy rides up and you see the right side of the motorcycle. When he has left she looks at the motorcycle from the left side but what we see is actually the right side reversed and shown as the left side.

Other mistake: It's a common narrative device, but through the black box recording, Vers/Carol "remembers" things that extend past the point when she was knocked out unconscious. The black box can't have recorded Yon-Rogg and Minn-erva's conversation after a crash and an explosion of a device that disrupts electronics, or SHIELD would have known everything about the aliens already in 1989.

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Other mistake: The fingerprint scanner in the room where Fury and Vers are detained is inconsistent. Fury tries it, and the scanning line moves quite fast before rejecting him with a red light. Vers tries it and there isn't a scanning line at all, it just flashes red. Then when using the fingerprint lifted from his ID, there's a much slower scanning line before it flashes green and unlocks.

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Continuity mistake: As Vers is about to punch the person dressed like the Skrull, a woman in a flowery pantsuit is visible in the background, behind him. Next shot and she is walking behind Vers making a rather conspicuous horrified facepalm, and coming from the wrong direction. (00:33:50)

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Carol Danvers: Did you have a rough day, Agent Fury?
Nick Fury: It was cool, you know? Had a space invasion, big car chase. Got to watch an alien autopsy. Typical 9-to-5.
Carol Danvers: So you saw one?
Nick Fury: I was never one to believe in aliens, but I can't unsee that.

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Trivia: When Captain Marvel strides out of the store, she goes over to a security guard in his car parked nearby. This guard is played by real-life Marvel security director Barry Curtis.

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Question: How did Mar-vell get the tesseract?

Answer: Howard Stark relinquished custody of it to her. For a full history of the Tesseract see here:

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