Superman IV: The Quest for Peace

Revealing mistake: The first time we see Clark, he is crossing the crowded street towards the subway entrance. Note that none of the cars are moving except for a cab in the front. If you watch behind Clark you'll see that the street ends in a flat wall, revealing it's a backlot set.


Revealing mistake: Underneath Lenny's car when it flies away in the quarry there's no pipes, no nothing, just a black plank, revealing the car's a cheap prop.


Revealing mistake: When Nuclear Man steals the Statue of Liberty, there's a very obvious blur around the retouched image where the real statue has been painted over to simulate it's gone.


Revealing mistake: When the police cars drive backwards, before they crash and burst, the scene is a repetition of a previous one but reversed.


Revealing mistake: When Nuclear Man destroys Metropolis, one of the walls between the window shop wiggles and the tiles flutter revealing it's a cardboard set. (01:10:55)


Revealing mistake: When Lacy floats in space, Superman saves her and heads towards Earth. When he comes back, the shot of the Earth behind is the same one from before, yet reversed.


Revealing mistake: When Nuclear Man melts the rifle, note that the SWAT member is holding the barrel and he slides his hand away slowly to make the barrel bend downwards. He was obviously holding it up. If he had burned himself he would've moved faster.


Revealing mistake: When Nuclear Man flies through the ceiling for the first time, the first glass he crashes into is noticeably different than the others surrounding it, revealing it's a prop.


Plot hole: Superman traps the supervillain (whose power depends on sunlight) inside of an elevator to incapacitate him. Superman then ripped the elevator out of the building. He then plants it on the far side of the moon. Later on, sunlight starts to shine into the elevator through a slit at where the doors meet. The villain of course recharges and comes after Superman again. Now, if light could get through that crack there, then why couldn't it get through when the elevator was ripped out of the building in BROAD DAYLIGHT?

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Superman: You'd risk world wide nuclear war for your own personal financial gain.
Lex Luthor: Nobody wants war. I just want to keep the threat alive.

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Trivia: During the making of this movie Christopher Reeve and Sidney J. Furie didn't get along at all and often clashed with each other.

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Question: Assuming anyone saw this deleted scene on the DVD special features. Why would Lacy even go to Smallville?


Answer: Lacy had gotten tired of her dad's newspaper, big-city life and decided to move to Smallville because she wanted to experience life at a much slower pace and even decided to live on a farm.

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