Superman IV: The Quest for Peace

Revealing mistake: When Nuclear Man destroys Metropolis he sends beams to make things explode, but there's a moment when there are no beams seen and shops explode for no reason at all.

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Revealing mistake: During the Metropolis destruction scene, Nuclear Man sends a SWAT truck spinning around. When he lifts it up with his rays coming from his hands, you can see the truck is being lifted up by a visible white wire.

Revealing mistake: After Superman escapes the block of ice he was imprisoned in, watch the next shot (as he flies back towards Earth) closely... in this shot, it's clear that the effect was achieved by using a rather cheap-looking Superman "doll" composited into the shot, and not Christopher Reeve. It practically looks like a Superman "action-figure" you could buy at the store.

Revealing mistake: When Lex cuts the strand of hair, the bottom of the cabinet breaks before the ball drops.

Revealing mistake: When Clark and Lois are talking in Lacey's apartment, there appear to be bubbles and waves in the pool. However, they do not move.

Revealing mistake: During the tornado scene, the wind makes the windows open and close violently, but the cowboy hat on the porch stays in place barely moving. (Laserdisc and international extended editions).

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Revealing mistake: When the volcano erupts and lava floods the village. The red truck on the left is a very obvious scale model prop: The engine is missing and the hood is attached to the grilles.

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Revealing mistake: When the fire truck explodes, note a tube behind it going straight to the truck. Probably an FX device to effect the smoke.

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Revealing mistake: When dying and balding Clark grabs the green glass, the border of his wig noticeably protrudes all around his face.

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Revealing mistake: After the power plant 'swallows' Nuclear Man, the needle meters have the word AUTODIESEL UXBRIDGE written inside. Uxbridge is the British city where the scene was shot, therefore not the fictional Metropolis.

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Revealing mistake: During the Metropolis destruction, when a cab crashes against the cab in front, the first car's trunk blows out and the FX system (an air-bag similar system) to make this happen flies all over the place.

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Revealing mistake: When the missile is launched, Superman flies to catch it. However, his face has some sort of stocking over the upper part and the man looks nothing like Christopher Reeve. It was either a stunt double, a bad special effect, or a cheap mannequin.

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Revealing mistake: When Nuclear Man lands in Metropolis before destroying everything, watch the truck and cab on the left and you'll realise that they are a painting. Not a realistic painting, but a cheap, unfinished one.

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Plot hole: Superman traps the supervillain (whose power depends on sunlight) inside of an elevator to incapacitate him. Superman then ripped the elevator out of the building. He then plants it on the far side of the moon. Later on, sunlight starts to shine into the elevator through a slit at where the doors meet. The villain of course recharges and comes after Superman again. Now, if light could get through that crack there, then why couldn't it get through when the elevator was ripped out of the building in BROAD DAYLIGHT?

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Superman: You'd risk world wide nuclear war for your own personal financial gain.
Lex Luthor: Nobody wants war. I just want to keep the threat alive.

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Trivia: Near the end of the film, Superman gives a press conference in front of a bluish mirror-glass building which is meant to be the Daily Planet skyscraper in Metropolis (which we all know is New York, sort of). The shot is framed so you can only see the bottom of the building - necessary as it is only about 3 floors high, and is in fact the railway station in Milton keynes, England, about 400 yards from where I work. Even the crowd have a vaguely British look about them - presumably passers-by were recruited and stood there in their own clothes (this would matter less now - Brits look more American than they did in the Eighties).

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Question: Why is this movie so full of mistakes and plot holes? Was it created by incompetent crew?

Answer: It was made on a very low budget. Golen - Golbus productions bought the rights to Superman. They were mostly known for B-Movies with not so big name stars. It was there attempt to play with the big studios. Plus at least 45 minutes of scenes were cut out, with major subplots.

In addition to budget cuts, they kept shortening the runtime, meaning scenes needed to be cut. The comic book adaptation has the uncut scenes and makes much more sense.

Answer: It should also be noted that the film was originally slated to have a budget of $32 million, which is in roughly the same range as the budget for "Superman III" and movies like Tim Burton's original "Batman." However, shortly before shooting began, the budget was cut by nearly 50%, all the way down to $17 million. As a result, the production was very patchy and rushed. This had an adverse effect on everything.


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