Superman II

Continuity mistake: After Zod grabs the cop's rifle, a close-up shows the rifle's butt close to the policeman, which is inconsistent with the next shot where the villains are seen many meters away.

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Continuity mistake: When Non lifts the cops' car, the fat cop starts to tuck his head inside the car, but a frame later it's already in, without having finished the movement.

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Continuity mistake: In the big fight in Metropolis Ursa chokes Superman, but a frame later she is 3 meters away from him and her hands are off his neck.

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Suggested correction: Much too vague. What scenes are you referring to. And how can you tell, other than knowing that Gene Hackman isn't really bald?

Continuity mistake: Under the elevator when Lois says "Nobel prize" her fingers are completely black, covered in grease. When she starts to say "lil' o" they're just slightly dirty. When Superman saves her they're spotless.

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Continuity mistake: Non attacks the guard, who activates an alarm on his belt. In the wide angle all of his left hand is on the alarm, on the close-up only the index finger. This keeps swapping back and forth.

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Revealing mistake: After the Marlboro truck scene, Superman throws Zod and he goes through an office window. The harness to make him fly is visible on his back.

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Continuity mistake: When the villains are in front of the sheriff's car he places his hat next to the steering wheel. When the angle changes, the hat is away and he's repeating the movement.

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Continuity mistake: When Superman brings the flag to the White House, the wide shot shows the wind stopping, and the flag coming to a smooth stop. Immediately after, in the close-up, the flag is moving wildly.

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Audio problem: When the three villains fly after Superman, they all gather in a circle and one of them says "Wait there". It can't be Ursa because it is too deep and neither Zod's or Non's lips are moving so it is not them. So, who is it?

Continuity mistake: When Clark is lying beaten up on the diner floor, a man in a brown suit next to him disappears.

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Continuity mistake: Before the villains arrive at the Daily Planet, Lois's hair is fluffy and her fringe has a straight cut. When the scene ends, her hair is shorter, and her fringe has some stylish cuts.

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Revealing mistake: When Ursa kicks the astronaut into space, she takes a step back and looks upwards. When this happens you can tell that the film is being shown at double speed. Also, when Clark spins the guy on the chair at the end of the film, he snaps back upright far too quickly.

Continuity mistake: When Zod throws the shotgun after discharging it, it lands in front of the police car's back tyre. But when the dumb one goes to pick the gun up, it is now towards the back of the car.

Factual error: When the police car's light is thrown at the boy and it blows up, it shouldn't have happened. The most that would've happened was that the kid would've been knocked off his bike when hit with the light. There is no explosive device in the light, so it shouldn't have exploded in the least like it did.

General Zod: Why do you say this to me, when you know that I will kill you for it?

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Trivia: Richard Donner, the director of Superman, was originally hired to make Superman II. He had made over half of the movie before being fired. Richard Lester was hired to complete the film. So, Superman II contains footage from both the Richard Donner version and the Richard Lester version.

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Question: How did Superman get his powers back? I don't understand what that green crystal did.

Answer: In the theatrical cut, nobody really knows why the green crystal restored his powers. However if you watch the Richard Donner cut, it is explained that the green crystal is a communication device that helps Superman talks to the residual essence/spirit/ghost of his father Jor-El. Before he died, Jor-El gave the crystal to his son. Jor-El anticipated that Kal-El might give up his powers, and he also anticipated that Zod might eventually escape the Phantom Zone, so Jor-El lets his son absorb the leftover energy of his spirit, thus restoring all his Kryptonian powers.

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