Question: Why did Jackie tell Isabel that she lost Ben? Was it to prove to Isabel that she (Jackie) is not a perfect mother?


Question: Julia Roberts refers to the term "snow blowing" and states that she heard it described in a movie. Is this really a reference to a movie?

Answer: You can see the reference in Kevin Smith's first movie Clerks. Whether or not she's referencing that particular movie or not is debatable.


Answer: Anna kept it, you can see it later.

Question: What exactly is "snow blowing" referred to by Isabelle in Stepmom?

Answer: This site isn't the proper place to explain what "snow blowing" is. I would suggest you look up the term on Urban Dictionary, but be aware of its graphic description.


Answer: Wouldn't have been much fun for her. He would be working most of the time and she would be stuck in the hotel. They wouldn't even he able to go out to dinner as he mentioned they would order room service. And the kids would be there so they wouldn't have any time alone together.

Continuity mistake: When Isabel is helping the daughter make a tree more lifelike, Isabel paints the limbs outside of the round yellow ball shape. In the next scene when the daughter tries to do it, there are no limbs going out of the yellow ball shape. (00:49:30)

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Ben Harrison: See Mom? I told you! I'm telepathetic.
Jackie Harrison: Telepathic.
Ben Harrison: That's what I said.

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Trivia: Director Chris Columbus' daughter Eleanor appears as a girl in the ballet class.

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