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Corrected entry: Isabelle is a professional photographer but she doesn't hold her camera correctly when she is taking pictures of the kids with Jackie. Every photographer knows that you adjust the lens with your wrist facing toward your body, not facing out.

Correction: Just because that is the way you are supposed to do it, doesn't mean everyone does it the same way, perhaps adjusting the lens that way works better for her.


Corrected entry: When Isabel and Luke are cooking, Anna makes three blank calls one after the other. Funnily, Isabel is always the one who picks up the phone, not Luke, who doesn't seem to be a bit interested who is calling, although, under the circumstances, it wasn't very hard to guess, and there is no reason why he wouldn't want to talk to his kids. (00:14:25)


Correction: Isabel picks it up each time because she is closer to the phone. Since Anna hangs up each time, Luke assumes it is a prank call. There is no way for him to know it is his child calling.


Correction: I watched this movie today and her hair was the same style for this entire scene.


Corrected entry: When Isabel discovers Ben in the cupboard some fan must be blowing into his face because the opening of the doors wouldn't explain the wind that's blowing through his hair. (00:03:00)


Correction: Isabel is in a hurry and flings the doors open quickly which would cause a breeze.


Corrected entry: Jackie asks Isabel at short notice to pick Ben up from a friend's birthday party because she has an appointment at Random House. When Isabel delivers him home she is not a bit surprised that Jackie is comfortably sitting in her garden doing her mail. (01:03:45)


Correction: Isabel registers surprise when she finds out from Random House that Jackie was lieing about having an appointment there (on the phone in the car). So she already knows that Jackie was busy doing something else. There is no Plot Hole in her reaction to seeing Jackie in her garden, (specially if she caught a whiff of Jackie's pot).

Corrected entry: When Ben has his accident in the playground he falls on his back, but the injury is in the front of his leg. (00:57:15)


Correction: The gash on his leg is from getting hit with his friend's sword.

Corrected entry: Jackie asks Isabel to take care of the children while she (Isabel) is doing a professional photo shooting in the park where she has to concentrate on her work and not on babysitting, Ben gets predictably lost because Anna (who is surely old enough to keep an eye her little brother) falls asleep. During the reunion at the police station Jackie threatens to get a stay order to prevent Isabel ever to be alone again with her children, and spineless Luke goes along with her reasoning and later begs her on her knees not to talk to a lawyer, which she condescendingly agrees to. On the following day Jackie, for a change, forgets to pick her children up from school, Isabel jumps in, even risking her job, and pretends that she is at fault because she had forgotten that she had switched days with Jackie. (00:29:40 - 00:36:05)


Correction: How is this a plot hole? Isabel is trying to get in good with both Jackie and the kids. Plus at the police station Jackie was freaking out. She was finally getting to vent all of her frustration at having this woman taking care of her kids. All this mistake sounds like is a plot summary.

shortdanzr Premium member

Corrected entry: The front of the hospital that Jackie goes to is shown and you can see the words York University Medical Centre, which is in Toronto, Canada. However, the movie is supposed to take place in New York.

Correction: A quick check on the IMDB shows that all the filming locations were in New York and New Jersey. The York University website does not list a medical faculty, let alone a medical centre. What was actually shown in the movie was New York University Medical Centre, with the 'New' out-of-frame. There's another scene later where you see the full name.

J I Cohen

Corrected entry: In the scene where Ben is playing on the playground and falls from the playhouse, his leg is injured and the wound is on his upper leg. But when he is lying in the hospital, there is a bandage lower than his knee and there is only one injury. (01:15:30)

Correction: When Ben falls from the playhouse he just grabs his leg because it's in pain. He does have a cut on his lower leg that needed 5 stitches.

Nala Premium member

Visible crew/equipment: A microphone is visible above the mother when talking to the Doctor about her cancer treatment. (01:37:37)

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Luke: Anna! You do not run out on your mother.
Anna Harrison: No, that's your job.

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Trivia: Director Chris Columbus' daughter Eleanor appears as a girl in the ballet class.

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Question: Why did Jackie tell Isabel that she lost Ben? Was it to prove to Isabel that she (Jackie) is not a perfect mother?


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