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Factual error: Grain engulfment is not depicted in a scientific manner. It is not possible for engulfment to happen without a valve being opened at the base - which has not been shown in the movie when the boy falls in the grain storage. It is very unlikely that two engulfments will happen so close by in the same storage - if so, they will converge quickly. But, the movie shows both victims help each other one by one. They succeed in 5-10 seconds. Engulfment become entrapment in less than 20 seconds and require more than thrice the body weight to pull some one out (unlike one kid being able to pull other one out while both are on the grain). Finally, they both sit on the door and avoid entrapment.

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Suggested correction: It's possible for grain to look sturdy but not be underneath so the engulfment could have possible. But you're right about them not being able to pull each other out.

Well observed. It's a factual error.

I jumped into grain hundreds of times. It is not possible without the grain moving underneath.

Factual error: Emily Blunt takes her blood pressure manually, pumping up a cuff but not listening to her pulse with a stethoscope to get the reading. Not possible without a new style automatic BP machine which would have made noise.

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Suggested correction: This is simply not true. The style of BP monitor that she uses is the way all BP monitors used to work.

The way you use a manual BP cuff is by listening to your pulse with a stethoscope while you pressurize the cuff. Your top number is the pressure you hear your pulse stop, and the bottom number is the pressure where you hear it pick up again.

Suggested correction: It is possible to read the pressure by such a machine as shown in the movie after some practice. The needle or the indicating hand slightly skips when it reaches the read pressure range.

That's inaccurate. The pressure at which the gauge jumps is often different than the pressure at which the first Korsakoff sound is heard.

Suggested correction: You can watch the needle bounce with the pulse on any sphygmomanometer - not as accurate as with a stethoscope but would work just fine.

Plot hole: The aliens seems to be very strong, but not using technology at all. How come they defeated for example tank units? Doesn't look like they can penetrate steel with their arms.


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Suggested correction: The aliens also demonstrate the ability to run extremely fast, easily able to outmaneuver a slow-moving tank. They would most likely jump on the top of the tank or rip the treads off, considering they still are extremely strong. They would also quickly jump onto a helicopter and take it down. As for other vehicles such as jets or aircraft carriers, the aliens either would have attacked military bases or taken the fight out to sea in ships. Whatever the answer, that particular element of the aliens is a large amount of possibilities, not a mistake.

If a waterfall can disorientate them, so would a jet engine or gunfire.

Something they teach in the military is the "ghost walk" - how to move silently. As the newspaper cuttings suggest, the noise angle was known about while there were still working printing presses, so it must have been a slow event. And a helicopter gunship can engage from up to 1km away, that's a long jump.

Yeah, how does the military never tried to use loud and/or high sound to defeat them once they found that they hunt using the sound? But to be fair they seem to be everywhere, so maybe they attacked in very large numbers.

Factual error: The son's death happened in 2020 and it was day 89. On day 473, the mother writes in the calendar and it's Wednesday 3 October. So, the year must be 2021. But 3 October 2021 is not a Wednesday, but rather a Sunday. (00:26:00)

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Suggested correction: It was October 23rd. And it's a Tuesday. The next October 23rd that's on a Tuesday is 2029. So still wrong but I'm curious as to how you got a year in the first place.

The year was on the memorial cross they left that shows 2016-2020. That's how the commenter got the year. As well I read others spotted dates on some of the newspaper clippings which wouldn't match the time frame.

Other mistake: The construction of a staircase does not require a large nail at the site shown on the steps. Furthermore when Emily snags her clothes basket on the stairs it lifts a small nail up. How did it grow into a 2 inch fat nail?

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Evelyn: Who are we if we can't protect them? We have to protect them.

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Trivia: Test screenings for this were next to impossible - John Krasinski played the monster in a motion capture suit, but the CGI wasn't completed so audiences kept laughing at him whenever he came on screen instead of being scared by the monster.

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Question: How did they climb the grain silo without making noise? Why did the silo door come off its hinges?


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