A Quiet Place

New this month Factual error: Though the film takes place over many months, the crops in the field near the house never seem to change appearance.

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New this month Factual error: Emily Blunt takes her blood pressure, pumping up a cuff but not listening to her pulse with a stethoscope to get the reading. Not possible without a new style automatic BP machine which would have made noise.

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New today Suggested correction: This is simply not true. The style of BP monitor that she uses is the way all BP monitors used to work.

New this month Revealing mistake: When Evelyn is hanging the clothes after washing them, they are already dry.

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New this week Question: What were the fires for on top of the silos at night?

New this week Answer: The people used it to signal others that they were there. A similar convention has been used in other movies. When the two children were on top of the silo, they noticed the other fires were all gone indicating that the other people out there were no longer alive.

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