A Quiet Place

Plot hole: The aliens seems to be very strong, but not using technology at all. How come they defeated for example tank units? Doesn't look like they can penetrate steel with their arms.

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Suggested correction: The aliens also demonstrate the ability to run extremely fast, easily able to outmaneuver a slow-moving tank. They would most likely jump on the top of the tank or rip the treads off, considering they still are extremely strong. They would also quickly jump onto a helicopter and take it down. As for other vehicles such as jets or aircraft carriers, the aliens either would have attacked military bases or taken the fight out to sea in ships. Whatever the answer, that particular element of the aliens is a large amount of possibilities, not a mistake.

If a waterfall can disorientate them, so would a jet engine or gunfire.

Something they teach in the military is the "ghost walk" - how to move silently. As the newspaper cuttings suggest, the noise angle was known about while there were still working printing presses, so it must have been a slow event. And a helicopter gunship can engage from up to 1km away, that's a long jump.

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