Starship Troopers

Corrected entry: In the cavern scene at the end, Carmen is rescued by Rico and his homies. When they come in, she is holding Xander's knife, but when she runs back to join them, she is holding an assault rifle.

Correction: It's the assault rifle that Xander lost right before the 'brainsucking'-sequence. While the bugs are paralyzed by the threat of Rico's grenade I think it very likely that Carmen would grab the rifle lying just two or three steps in front of her instead of fighting on with a knife. In fact you can even see her stand up after picking up the rifle (immediately after Rico's 'explosion gesture'.

Corrected entry: When the troops are throwing knives at the targets, one says, "why are we doing this when we can just pull a trigger?" The drill sergeant tells him to put his hand on a target and proceeds to throw a knife into his hand, he then quotes "when your hand is disabled you can't pull a trigger" Did he overlook the fact that when your hand is disabled you can't throw a knife either?

Correction: What he actually says is "The enemy can't push a button if you have disabled his hand", he's suggesting a way of stopping the enemy without a gun, not a way of fighting disabled.

Corrected entry: After Johnny kills lieutenant Rasczak by shooting him, his body suddenly disappears after the tanker bug reveals itself.


Correction: The body is there, right before the Tanker bug comes up you see his body lying there. Later you can't see it anymore as it's too low or has been dragged under the sand by the bugs.


Continuity mistake: Toward the end, Carmen Ibanez gets stabbed through the shoulder when she is brought before the big master alien thing. If you were to sustain such an injury, there would be so much swelling, not to mention just destroyed tissue, that you wouldn't be able to move that arm for weeks. Yet a few minutes later, she is seen hefting around a very large assault rifle, and seems to have no difficulty. I guess it's a pretty standard action movie "heroes can temporarily ignore injury in order to save the day" kind of oversight, but it just seems exaggerated in this case, considering how severe the shoulder trauma looked. (01:48:15 - 01:53:40)

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Ace Levy: Don't worry, you still got me to kick around.

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Trivia: The view that people acquired citizenship and the right to vote through military service reflected the views of "Starship Troopers" author Robert Heinlein. His views were influenced by his years in military service during World War II, and what he saw as the supposed "laziness" of civilians.

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