Stargate (1994)

29 mistakes - chronological order

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Suggested correction: When he is collecting the books, the suitcase is open. The bottom half is almost completely covered in and filled with sand as it is slowly sliding down the hill as the sand flows.


Factual error: The military ranks for everyone but O'Neil are wrong. O'Neil is a Colonel (Full bird), Kawalsky is wearing the insignia of a Lt Colonel, but is referred to by O'Neil simply as Lt., when he should be called Colonel. All the others are wearing enlisted stripes (Ferretti - TSgt, but is credited as Lieutenant Ferretti), the others are also credited as "Lieutenant", but wearing enlisted stripes.

Other mistake: When the ship lands atop the pyramid and begins to retract and open the topmost sections of the pyramid retract into the lower parts however the upper parts are too long to fit into them. In the next sequence we see the ship and the upper parts are nowhere to be seen.

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Suggested correction: Perhaps the parts fold further in on themselves. Like a retractable ladder.


Plot hole: Why does Ra need to wait until the next day to send the bomb back to Earth? If he's got the bomb, and he can turn on the Stargate then what is waiting for? In fact, he could have done that at any point without revealing to Jackson his plan then he wouldn't have been stopped.

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Suggested correction: He has to wait as he is planning to also send a shipment of minerals with it. Those minerals must be gathered which takes time.

Continuity mistake: RA continues to wear the necklace at the end of the movie when it was taken from him by Daniel before he left the spaceship via the transporter.

Revealing mistake: On the first night at the slaves' fortress, Daniel is eating the "chicken" and telling them how good it is. After that they take him away to give him a wash. As they walk off, they pass the small fire the slaves have made. If you look at the fire closely, there is a metal circle at the bottom and the fire is coming out of seven holes in it, which means that it is a prop gas fire.

Gavin Jackson

Continuity mistake: When O'Neil activates the nuke he flips up a red protective cover and then flips the switch to the up position. Later when he attempts to deactivate it, he flips up the same red cover and flips the switch to the up position again.

Grumpy Scot

Revealing mistake: When James Spader is first exiting the pyramid after he first arrives on the planet, he begins to touch the wall on the left as the moves out the doorway. He appears to be using the wall for balance. During the last shot before he walks completely out into the open, the "solid rock" wall bends inward like it's made of rubber.


Continuity mistake: When Jackson re-translates the hieroglyphics, the way he writes "Buried" changes between shots.

Sacha Premium member

Ra: There can be only one Ra.

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Trivia: The producers, the casting agents, really wanted Jaye Davidson, from "The Crying Game", to play the head bad guy, but Jaye said, "No more movies", so they kept upping the money they would pay him - this is before actors nowadays get phenomenal money - and it was only when they got to a million dollars that he said yes.


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Question: What does Dr. Jackson say when they send the probe through? Is it, "Where are we on that map?" or, "Where will it be on that map?"

Answer: It's "Where are we on that map?" the reply given is "The blue dot". He then traces the path to the other side of the map where the probe is shown, which is on the other side of the universe.

Leanne Skelly

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