Stargate (1994)

29 mistakes - chronological order

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Continuity mistake: When Jackson makes his presentation, the way the hieroglyphics are drawn changes between shots. (00:06:00)


Continuity mistake: The pen used in the beginning of the drawing is different from the solid blue one used in the close up shot. Also, when the camera goes back to a wide shot, the color of the drawing on the whiteboard changes from blue to black. (00:17:40 - 00:18:35)

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Continuity mistake: When Jackson is in the meeting about the symbols, he circles the seventh symbol with a blue marker. In the next shot, look close and you can see that the blue circle around the symbol is gone. (00:18:20)

Revealing mistake: When the crew is transported to the distant planet, there are three moons. They are all the same shot of our moon (the craters are the same), but each moon is turned differently than the other two. (00:33:15)

Continuity mistake: Just before Ferretti throws Dr. Jackson's suitcase his left hand goes from the handle to the side, but then the shot changes and his hand is back on the handle and moves when he throws the suitcase. (00:37:50)


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Visible crew/equipment: Throughout the movie, in the shots of the guys on the alien planet, the white reflector screens and film crew's reflections are visible in their sunglasses. (00:40:20)

Audio problem: Right after Jackson has been dragged through the desert by the creature, it wakes him up and he says, "Get away from me," but his mouth never moves. (00:40:30)

Continuity mistake: After the slave boy gets a cigarette from O'Neil, he reaches out to touch a gun, and O'Neil grabs it and scares the kid away. O'Neil is then holding the gun with the barrel pointing towards the door, but as the angle changes he is suddenly holding it at a different angle, pointing down to his right and away from the door. (01:05:30)


Visible crew/equipment: When Ra's death gliders are sent out to attack the city of the native people, you can see wires guiding the glider models as they swoop toward the camera. (01:20:20)

Revealing mistake: Right after O'Neil and Jackson are captured inside the pyramid and taken aboard the alien ship a distant shot is shown of the ship while it is opening. In the sky over the ship are depictions of three moons. Each of the three moons shown in the sky of the distant planet are actually the Earth's moon when it is full but just shown rotated slightly in different positions. (01:38:00)

Revealing mistake: In the scene where O'Neil is fighting Ra's bodyguard, the bodyguard uses claws and hits O'Neil's back, tearing his shirt and wounding him. But you can see Kurt's "wounds" and torn shirt right before he's hit by the bodyguard (a scene after Ra's bodyguard's claws are shown). (01:49:10)

Other mistake: When the ship lands atop the pyramid and begins to retract and open the topmost sections of the pyramid retract into the lower parts however the upper parts are too long to fit into them. In the next sequence we see the ship and the upper parts are nowhere to be seen.

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Suggested correction: Perhaps the parts fold further in on themselves. Like a retractable ladder.


Visible crew/equipment: During the final revolt against Ra and his warriors, you are able to see that Ra's warriors are swinging rubber staffs as they fight the indigenous people.

Continuity mistake: There is no necklace on Catherine's neck when she greets Jackson in the room with the cover stones (00:13:39). After they have shaken their hands, the necklace appears on her neck suddenly. Then it disappears again. Also, after Catherine has given the necklace to Jackson for bringing him luck before his departure, the necklace appears on her neck again when she is in the control room during their departure.

Other mistake: When Jackson and O'Neil are captured and taken before Ra, the guards hit their knees with their staff weapons to make them kneel. Jackson's guard does it right, but O'Neil's misses him completely.

Other mistake: When the team are headed to Ra's pyramid dressed like Egyptians, the door starts to close with about half a metre left. After another shot elsewhere, when it faces the door again it has more than half a metre until it hits the ground.

Continuity mistake: When O'Neill, Jackson, and Sha'uri have just entered the Stargate chamber, O'Neill throws aside his staff weapon and starts working on the bomb. Later, during the fight between O'Neill and the guard, an overhead shot shows that the staff weapon is no longer there.

Continuity mistake: When the men are in the pit of water the man who says "Colonel it's us", his dog-tags change from on his chest to back several times between shots.

Factual error: When they first power-up the Stargate in the military facility (using Jackson's decryption), the thing surges to life, and electrical sparks spray out of overloaded connections all around the control room. This could only happen if there were no fuses or electrical breakers in the military's control system, which is a ridiculous notion for such advanced military technology. In real life, a powerful overload situation would instantly burn out fuses and trip breakers and the whole system would simply go dead (there would be no sparks). Showers of sparks are a common error in many science fiction and space fantasy films dating back many decades.

Charles Austin Miller

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Suggested correction: If there would be breakers and fuses then yes, the system would simply go dead and then they would have nothing. They intentionally let the system nearly overload because without power they wouldn't be able to finish the sequence.


No, that's not the way sophisticated (and expensive) electronic technology works. If you have sparks spraying out of electrical connectors, that means you're melting down millions and millions of dollars of hardware. No technician or electrician or even a first-year auto mechanic would intentionally design and hardwire an electrical system without fuses and/or breakers.

Charles Austin Miller

They're dealing with Ancient technology. It's quiet possible that such an advanced piece of technology as a Stargate could cause powerful arcs of electricity along lines separated even by tripped breakers.

Ancient technology does not override electrical physics. Modern electrical equipment is protected with fuses and breakers for a reason. If the Stargate technology overrode the parameters of the modern equipment, it would melt down the modern components being protected by the fuses and breakers. Either way, the whole system would shut down.

Charles Austin Miller

Colonel Jonathan "Jack" O'Neil: I'm here in case you succeed.

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Trivia: The producers, the casting agents, really wanted Jaye Davidson, from "The Crying Game", to play the head bad guy, but Jaye said, "No more movies", so they kept upping the money they would pay him - this is before actors nowadays get phenomenal money - and it was only when they got to a million dollars that he said yes.


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Question: What does Dr. Jackson say when they send the probe through? Is it, "Where are we on that map?" or, "Where will it be on that map?"

Answer: It's "Where are we on that map?" the reply given is "The blue dot". He then traces the path to the other side of the map where the probe is shown, which is on the other side of the universe.

Leanne Skelly

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