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Trivia: I believe it is at the house of Obi Wan Kenobi in the background you can see, on a table or shelf, part of a Volkswagen heater duct. It's a part of the car that goes under the rear seat. Most people wouldn't know what it is. It's black and standing vertically on the table

Trivia: In the scene where R2D2 is having his restraining bolt attached the tool that is used is a small brazing tool you can pick up at any Radio Shack.

Trivia: The wide-angle shots of the rebel base before the final battle and before the award ceremony at the end of the film show buildings rising out of a jungle. These are shots of the ancient Mayan city of Tikal, now part of the Tikal National Park located in Guatemala. (01:38:15 - 01:58:25)

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Trivia: If you compare the battle between Darth Vader and Obi-Wan in this one to the battles in Episode 1, this fight seems very slow and careful. There's a couple of reasons for this - partly, while David Prowse got replaced by an expert sword fighter (Darth Vader was played by, in total, about 5 or 6 people for different things like stunts, voice, etc.), Alec Guinness had to stay himself, and he probably wasn't capable of leaping all over the place. However, more important is the fact that the lit up blades of the lightsabers in Episode 4 were made of wooden doweling (not unlike a broom handle) and if they hit them together, they snapped. These were replaced in the subsequent films with much stronger carbon fibre rods (similar to fishing rods) which explains the ferocity of the lightsaber duels in the later films. The motor within the handle spun the blade which was wrapped in reflective tape, creating the flickering effect. This only showed up when the lighting used was at the right angle. Thus during the Ben / Vader duel it explains why their lightsabers disappear at various points when they point the blade almost directly at the camera.

Trivia: 20th Century Fox was able to finance the film, in part, because of the financial success of The Omen.

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Trivia: Twentieth Century Fox let Lucas keep the rights to all toy merchandise as they thought the film would flop. The profits from that deal enabled him to set up Lucasfilm.

Trivia: George Lucas was so sure the film would flop, he didn't attend the premiere and instead took a vacation with Steven Spielberg, where they conceived Raiders of the Lost Ark.

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Trivia: The Millennium Falcon's design was modeled after a hamburger with an olive next to it.

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Trivia: For a decent replica Star Wars laser sound, hold one end of a metal Slinky around your ear, and let the other end drop and hit the floor. It is neat. I would suggest you avoid letting others see you do this unless you have a chance to explain! The real sound was made by striking a metal stabilizing cable of a high tension wire electrical tower.

Trivia: When Luke is being attacked by a Tusken Raider in the Jundland Wastes, the terrified look on Mark Hamill's face is real. Stuntman Peter Diamond could not see behind the Tusken mask and therefore it was up to Hamill to avoid every blow.

Trivia: Not really a mistake, but apparently if you go up to a telegraph pole and hit one of the metal wire support cables with a piece of solid copper it will make a laser blaster sound. I take no responsibility for major internal or external injuries or loss of respect from peers. For a safer alternative, if you have a spring type garage door just tap (or even flick with your finger) the spring.

Trivia: Makeup artist Rick Baker appears, uncredited, in the Mos Eisley cantina. He plays the cantina band leader, Figrin D'an, and patron Hem Dazon. The latter character is the alien with the triangular head who pops up from the bottom of the screen in the first cantina interior shot.

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Trivia: The sound of a TIE Fighter engine is a combination of an elephant bellow and a car driving on a wet pavement.

Trivia: Lightsabers are made out of a selection of camera parts - you can get the schematics for them on the internet, and make your own. However, the right camera parts are very hard to get hold of, because firstly they were around in the 70's/80's, and also because Star Wars fans keep buying them.

Trivia: When Luke and C-3PO are travelling in Luke's speeder to fetch R2-D2, they are spotted by two Sand People who then set off on a Bantha. The Bantha you see was actually an elephant dressed in a Bantha suit.

Trivia: Alec Guinness was the first actor to be paid a percentage of the films takings and toy merchandise as he thought the film would flop. The other actors were paid a wage until the second film, then they opted for the same as Guinness.

Trivia: During Han Solo's conversation with Greedo, the last thing Greedo says before Han shoots him is "Yokuuskaa." This is a tribute to Mark Hamil having graduated from Yokosuka High School, located on Yokosuka U.S. Navy Base, Yokosuka, Japan.

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Revealing mistake: When Darth Vader and Ben are fighting, Darth's chestplate is on backwards and the belt "buckle" is as well. It appears that the entire shot was reversed. (01:26:20 - 01:27:15)

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Luke: How did my father die?
Obi-Wan: A young Jedi named Darth Vader, who was a pupil of mine until he turned to evil, helped the Empire hunt down and destroy the Jedi knights. He betrayed and murdered your father.

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Question: During the trash compacter scene, Luke gets sucked under by the one-eyed monster thing, which leads to Han and Leia trying to find him. But if the water's only about knee deep, why is it so hard for him to be found?

Answer: Presumably because the monster has pulled him through the lair of whatever they are standing on into whatever space the rest of the body of the monster lives in. Obviously, the monster doesn't live in the part of the part of the compactor that does the compacting or it would be already compacted.


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