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Continuity mistake: In the beginning of the first scene of the duel between Vader and Obi-Wan, their lightsabres are held in different angels between several shots.

Continuity mistake: When Luke and Obi-Wan are talking to Han in the Cantina, the black cup on the table is sometimes standing right by Han's hands, and sometimes right next to Luke, depending on the camera angle.

Continuity mistake: In the trash compactor, after the dianoga roars, there's a close-up of Leia standing straight up, with her arm over the large iron pole. In the next shot, she is crouching, and her arm is underneath the pole. (01:16:40)

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Continuity mistake: Widescreen version only: When Luke activates his new lightsaber for the first time, the position of C-3PO's head is different from the previous shot. After he turns it off, Threepio's head is back to its original position.

Continuity mistake: In the Death Star, when Luke and Leia are going to jump over the pit, Leia wraps her hands around Luke's neck. In the following shots, her hands are wrapped around his waist.

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Continuity mistake: When Luke and Obi-Wan enter Docking Bay 94 in Mos Eisley, as the first shot ends, C-3PO is turned to his left and is standing right behind Obi-Wan on Obi-Wan's left. In the next shot, Threepio is turned to his right, and is standing further away from Obi-Wan, behind him on Obi-Wan's right. (00:52:25)

Continuity mistake: Widescreen version: In the trash compactor, as Han says: "What an incredible smell you've discovered." Leia is leaning against some garbage, and then turns her head. In the next shot, she is no longer leaning against the garbage, and her head is turned another way. (01:16:05)

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Continuity mistake: In the scene where Alderaan is destroyed, the "buns" on each side of Leia's head are positioned higher up than in the previous scene she was, so that her earlobes are visible. When Luke and Han rescue her, her hair is back to normal. She's held prisoner in a cell, so it's not likely that she could or would have changed her hairstyle.

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Continuity mistake: Watch Luke's shadow when he walks toward his aunt to talk to her, and when he turns around. In the following shot, where he is walking toward the Jawa sandcrawler, his shadow is cast in another direction.

Revealing mistake: When Luke ignites his new lightsaber in Ben's house, the reflection of the stick used during the filming is visible on C-3PO's body. (00:33:55)

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Continuity mistake: In the scene where Vader chokes the imperial officer with the force, watch him before he gets choked. On his left (your right) of his blue and red button things, he has a pocket with what looks like two pens sticking out. But in a later shot, only one "pen" is sticking out. Later, it goes back to two again.

Continuity mistake: When Luke starts to lead C-3PO and R5-D4 to the garage, some of the droids in front of the sandcrawler repeatedly change position. For example, as Luke says, "And the red one, come on." R2-D2 is standing next to the boarding gantry, but in the previous and following shot, he was standing by the front treads.

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Revealing mistake: On the Death Star, before Luke and Leia try to cross the pit, Luke shoots a panel to close the door. Firstly, he shoots beside it, and secondly, after it explodes, no electronic components are visible in it.

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Continuity mistake: When everyone is getting in fighters for the final battle, they all have white helmets with blue insignias. However, they aren't wearing them when they're flying.

Continuity mistake: When Darth Vader is interrogating the captain of the Blockade Runner, the stormtrooper on the left behind them has his blaster at his waist but in the shot showing their legs, he has it at his chest. It's at his waist again some shots later.

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Revealing mistake: During Darth Vader and Ben's lightsaber duel, sometimes you can see a white wire attached to Ben's lightsaber, for example after he says, "If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine."

Continuity mistake: Widescreen version only: After escaping the trash compactor, Leia says, "From now on, you do what I tell you", and Luke's left hand is up by his head. In the next shot, his right hand is up by his head and his left hand is down by his side.

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Continuity mistake: After the droids land in the desert C3-PO has a streak of oil running down his left shoulder. A couple of scenes later when he is walking after he splits up from R2-D2 there is a long shot of him and he still has the streak on his left shoulder. There is an immediate close up and the streak switches to the right shoulder.

Continuity mistake: In the original version of the film, when Luke and C-3PO are searching for R2-D2 outside the moisture farm, in the shot where Luke says, "It's too dangerous with all the Sand People around. We'll have to wait until morning", the sky changes colour. This has been fixed in the Special Edition.

Luke: How did my father die?
Obi-Wan: A young Jedi named Darth Vader, who was a pupil of mine until he turned to evil, helped the Empire hunt down and destroy the Jedi knights. He betrayed and murdered your father.

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Trivia: When Alec Guinness was offered the part of Obi-Wan Kenobi he was offered about $25,000 to play the part. After reading the script he was one of the few cast members who believed that the film would be a box office hit; he negotiated a deal for 2% of the gross royalties paid to the director, George Lucas, who received one fifth of the box office takings. Guinness made over $3,000,000, making him very wealthy in his later life.

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Question: There's a HUGE rumor that's been going around since Return of the Jedi came out: There's actually three more scripts (besides the prequels). Is there, in fact, a Star Wars: Episode VII, Episode VIII, and Episode IX? If so, what are they about?

Answer: While planning Star Wars, Lucas had a vague notion of doing a long series of movies inspired by old serials, then dropped that idea in favor of just one. When Star Wars became a phenomenon and sequels became feasible, Lucas revisited the idea. He thought of three trilogies along with some stand-alone "in-between" stories for a total of 12 films. By the time of The Empire Strikes Back's release, this was pared down to the 9 mainline films, going by interviews with Lucas and the cast at the time. By Return of the Jedi, Lucas had decided to end the saga there, with the option that he could revisit the first three at some later point. It's unclear if Lucas ever had any specific story ideas for the proposed sequel trilogy, and they never had any scripts. Producer Gary Kurtz suggested in an interview they would've been about Luke's twin sister (not Leia), though many fans are skeptical about just how much he would know about them. Of course since this question was asked a sequel trilogy was written and released.


Answer: This was long a long-standing rumour, but George Lucas always denied it. He allowed various authors to cover the history of that time period in book form - if he'd had any serious intention of doing films set in that timeframe, he wouldn't have done that. Since that time of course Disney took over the franchise and has announced new films, but entirely separate from the previous "expanded universe" of the novels, and not involving any ideas George Lucas may have had in the past.

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Answer: I'm not sure how old this question is but it is a sequel trilogy. Episode VII : The Force Awakens is about a scavenger and former stormtrooper teaming up the Resistance to attempt to defeat the new First Order and Kylo Ren (Ben Solo). Episode VIII : The Last Jedi is about Rey finding Luke Skywalker who is in exile hoping that he would be left alone, and he tells the story of how he tried to murder his nephew who in retaliation, turned to the dark side. Episode IX : Rise of Skywalker is about the return of Emperor Palpatine and recovering Sith Wayfinders that will lead them to Exegol and kill him, with Billy Dee Williams returning as Lando Calrissian.

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