Star Trek: Insurrection

Corrected entry: When Captain Picard and Data are in they holoship, they shoot one of the bad guys guarding the ship. He falls behind the fountain. When Picard orders the program to end, the bad guy is no longer there when the hologram disappears. Shouldn't his body still be there? It's doubtful that they would have made a holographic guard in the image of one of the close-to-death aliens.

Correction: The bad guy is still there, but off camera, since the angle of the camera only shows Picard, Data, and the area of the ship directly behind them.

Corrected entry: Just after Picard and the away team has beamed back up from the planet's surface, Picard comments on the pimple on Worf's nose. However, in the scene just after, when they are walking down the corridor, you see Worf for a second, and can see that the pimple has gone.

Correction: The pimple hasn't really gone. It depends on the lighting whether you see it or not.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Geordi and Picard discuss the possible reasons for Data's malfunction, Picard asks if it could be because of his emotion chip. Geordi replies with "He didn't take it with him". But in Star Trek Generations Picard's own log entry has him state "His (data's ) emotion chip has been fused into his neural net and can NOT be removed." In other words Data could not "not take it with him."

Correction: A fused circuit is fixable. The reason it wasn't removed in Generations is because 1- they didn't have time, and 2- Geordi, their engineer and the man most qualified for working with Data's positronic net, was indisposed, having been kidnapped and tortured by Soren. It is quite possible that, when they had the time, they were able to work with the circuit and remove it.

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Corrected entry: Troi recoils from kissing Riker because she never kissed him with a beard before. However in the episode Second Chances she kisses an exact duplicate of Riker, complete with beard.

Correction: She kissed Thomas Riker in Second Chances, not Will Riker. She said 'you' to Will in the film after the kiss, Not 'you or your duplicate'

Corrected entry: Sojef states that his people came from a Solar System on the brink of war. This would technically be the Sol System, which is where Earth resides. Star Trek traditionally would refer to other systems properly as a generic "star system". (00:38:20)

Correction: He can say it however he wants to. Just because something is normally said one way, doesn't mean others can't say it another way.


That doesn't address the mistake. The mistake is that he calls it a "solar system." The term "solar system" does not refer to a system of a star, it refers specifically to the system that contains Earth. The star our system orbits is called "sol", hence "solar system." This can't be explained by saying a character simply chose to refer to another star system as a solar system, because solar system is a proper name. It would be like saying "China is a country on the Africa of Asia", when you mean to say "China is a country on the continent of Asia." This is a common mistake in many science fiction films, but is one that Star Trek rarely makes.


Correction: Riker is speaking to him through the ship's comm system.

Revealing mistake: In the beginning scene on the Bak'u planet the stone bridge bends under the weight of the child. (00:04:15)

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William Riker: We're through running from these bastards!

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Trivia: In the end credits, an actor is credited as playing Young Ruafo. There are no scenes in the film which this character appears, this is a scene cut from the film, but they forgot to erase the credit. The explanation is that young Ruafo was filmed in the original Insurrection ending, before producers decided on a different (more action based) death for Ruafo and so had him burn on the exploding ship.

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Chosen answer: A briar patch is basically a thorn bush. For insight as to what Riker meant when he said, "Let's use this briar patch the way Brehr Rabbit did," Take a look at

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Answer: The reference is from Disney's Song of the South. A group of children listen to a old man's tall tales of a dumb Rabbit and Bear.

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