Star Trek: Insurrection

Revealing mistake: In the beginning scene on the Bak'u planet the stone bridge bends under the weight of the child. (00:04:15)

Revealing mistake: When the Bak'u are fleeing, and running across the bridge, you can briefly see the launchers that are used to propel the stunt people into the air.

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Revealing mistake: When the villagers are running from the attack on their village, they run across a bridge that gets blown up. If you look, you can see that just as it explodes, several people change the direction they are running so as they can plunge dramatically into the water. (00:55:40)

Revealing mistake: When Artim goes back into the cave to retrieve his little pet, we see that the creature is almost as big as his fist. When he grabs it, he closes his fist rather tightly, revealing that the creature is CGI, otherwise it would have been squished.

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Revealing mistake: When Picard and Ruafo are fighting at the end of the film, Ruafo gets blown off the ledge and hangs from a beam with one arm. You can see the support wire underneath his sleeve as he spins around. (01:32:40)

Revealing mistake: During the opening sequence a Ba'ku woman is knocked over by one of the invisible Son'a and is caught by the man behind her. But if you watch the man behind her he raises his arms to catch her before she starts to fall. (00:04:25)

Revealing mistake: The scene on the bridge where Picard tells Riker and Troi they have two days to become experts on the Son'a was filmed towards the end of shooting. You can tell this because Riker's beard and moustache are obviously fake. Maybe that's why he doesn't have any lines - too worried about his moustache falling off. (00:13:20)

Revealing mistake: In the beginning scene on the Bak'u planet the stone bridge bends under the weight of the child. (00:04:15)

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William Riker: We're through running from these bastards!

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Trivia: In the end credits, an actor is credited as playing Young Ruafo. There are no scenes in the film which this character appears, this is a scene cut from the film, but they forgot to erase the credit. The explanation is that young Ruafo was filmed in the original Insurrection ending, before producers decided on a different (more action based) death for Ruafo and so had him burn on the exploding ship.

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