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Corrected entry: In the scene where Data is neutralized by Commander Worf, you can see Data's eyes move after he has hit the ground. (00:21:45)

Correction: He simply could have experienced a glitch, or was trying to reactivate himself.

Corrected entry: When Picard is persuading the Son'a soldier in the turbolift, the soldier has his weapon active, and there are several lights on the front, which turn off when he deactivates it. But when Ruafo is shooting at the holoship bridge, revealing it to be a holodeck, the lights on the front of his are all off. How could he be shooting if his weapon is inactive?

Correction: If you look closely, the purple lights on Ru'Afo's gun activate just before he fires. It could be that the lights activate when the gun is turned on or off.

Corrected entry: When Data is about to enter the lake, the little boy whom Data frightened earlier in the film asks Picard how does Data breath underwater. Picard replies that Data doesn't breathe. This contradicts one of the series episodes when Data stated that he breathes to vent his internal heat buildup from his circuitry.

Correction: You could argue that if he's underwater, he can stop breathing because he's going to be cool enough.

Corrected entry: Why do Picard and crew need to bother having the Baku walk all the way to the caves when the Enterprise could have easily beamed all of them to the caves in just a matter of minutes? Also if Picard and Data had already found the holoship and had complete control over it then why not just go ahead and use it for its intended purpose, transport the people to a safe location until the matter with So'na is over? At the very least the Baku would be safely out of the way and there would be no need to get to the caves.


Correction: Picard can't use the Enterprise's transporters because he isn't doing this under the auspices of a Starfleet captain. He is doing it as a private citizen, which is why he removed his uniform and pips. They didn't use the holoship because they didn't want to take the Ba'ku off the planet - that would haven't given Ru'Afo license to deploy the collector.

Greg Dwyer

Corrected entry: Why doesn't Picard go ahead and use the holo-ship to his advantage by transporting the Ba'ku people onto the ship itself or at least to the mountains instead of the pointless walk all the way to safety?

Correction: Presumably because he doesn't have control over the holoship, Admiral Dougherty or Ru'afo do.

Greg Dwyer

Corrected entry: How does a race of people who never age and stay in sexual maturity for hundreds of years only manage to have a population of 600 people after being on the planet for 300 years?

Correction: By using moderation. They desire to maintain a small community and personal relations. With such medical and physical abilities, it would not take long at all for their planet and civilisations to become way over populated, this increasing the chances for disease and causing food shortages. Sure, they could easily make a huge population in a short time, but that would have very negative effects. And moderation in sexual behaviors is no doubt probably one of the reasons the villains of the movie rejected that culture and left the planet.

Quantom X Premium member

Corrected entry: Picard has never had any relations with the So'na or its technology, yet he has no problem activating the self destruct sequence on the collector. The self-destruct would be the most well protected and difficult to access function on ANY vessel. Maybe with tools and a tricorder and some time, but Picard does it in about 4 minutes with his bare hands.


Correction: Gallatin has switched sides to save the Ba'ku. As Ru'afo's second in command, he would surely be able to brief Picard on how to activate the self-destruct.

Grumpy Scot

Corrected entry: In the scene where the Enterprise crew first enters the Baku village to resolve the hostage situation, Captain Picard says to Anish and Sojef, "These are my officers Dr. Crusher and Counselor Troi." When Picard says Dr. Crusher, Troi smiles, and when he says Counselor Troi, Crusher nods.

Correction: Not a mistake, just bad timing by the characters.

Correction: Geordi is blind because of an actual problem with his eyes - the energy field appears to fix problems before it addresses aging related issues. Picard also lost his hair some considerable time back - it would be quite a while before the de-aging effect got him back to that stage.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: Before DATA is reactivated, Gordi mentioned to the Captain that he removed and replaced some damaged memory engrams, yet when DATA is reactivated he says he's missing the memory engrams.

Correction: Data can tell there was a change because, presumably, the new engrams would not contain the information that was stored in the old ones. Data wouldn't be able to tell what was in the missing engrams, but he could tell they were missing because there would be a gap in his memory.

K.C. Sierra

Corrected entry: When Ru'afo is talking to Admiral Dougherty and Captain Picard in his ready room his face is split open in anger. You see some blood coming out but it's not much and drips down. In the next shot the blood is suddenly all over his nose... (00:45:50)

Correction: Not true. When Ru'afo first starts bleeding, he wipes the first drops off with his fingers. Later, there are several shots where his face is not shown (from behind him, close-ups of Picard etc.), and when we again see Ru'afo's face, there is a small drollop of blood next to his nose, exactly where it would be if his cut had continued bleeding and dripped off the ridge above his eye. The blood is never "all over his nose", it is in fact never on his nose at all.


Corrected entry: When Geordi sprays a crewmember with his extinguisher and says, "We need a medic down here!", his lips don't move. (01:07:55)

Correction: He says "Get me a medic over here!", and while he is saying this, the camera is panning down from his face to the injured crewman. Geordis mouth is only in shot for a fraction of a second, while saying "Get", and then it is open enough to utter the word.


Corrected entry: Near the end of the film, Picard is climbing a structure inside the Son'a collector ship with his weapon slung over his right shoulder. But as he stops climbing and steps off the structure, the strap of his weapon has somehow moved over to his left shoulder. (01:31:40)

Correction: After he starts climbing, there is a few seconds where we get to see what happens on the Enterprise. There is enough time for Picard to have lifted the strap over his head to get the weapon in a more secure position (with the strap across his chest and the rifle closer to his body, as opposed to it hanging loose from one shoulder).


Corrected entry: They continue to show the effects of the radiation slowing the ageing of the planets' population and making the entire enterprise crew feel younger, and I believe there was a statement about old scars healing. Now that's fine enough but Geordi was born blind, as explained in one episode. He was not blinded in a accident or anything like that. Reverse ageing should have no effect on his eyes because he never had them in the first place so therefore nothing to regenerate.


Correction: It is not simply reversing the ageing process: it is healing the body. It just happens that a person's prime physical condition comes in that 18-25 years old range. Geordi's optic nerves never reached his eyes and "healing the body" would fix that.


Corrected entry: At a point about 13 minutes into the film you see a shot of Data's ship navigating around the ringed planet, just at the point where the Admiral, looking at the view screen, says "That's our ship". Assuming the ship to be approximately 50 feet in length (as can be seen by the subsequent shot), that would make the ringed planet no more than a quarter of a mile across at the very most. (It could be explained away by line-of-sight effect but it sure looks like the ship is going round and behind an incredibly tiny planet.).

Correction: If it can be explained readily through line-of-sight, it's not a mistake.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: Shortly after Picard realises that he feels younger, he has a meeting with Anij, his male friend, and the young boy. Picard jokes that the boy must be 78, and he responds that he is twelve. The boy's father then says the radiation won't affect him until he's quite a bit older. Yet earlier, when our heroes first beam down, the children are playing with 'remarkable' dexterity and coordination, which could only be the result of exposure to the radiation.

Correction: The father's referring only to the effect on the boy's aging; that is, the aging won't start to slow until the boy hits puberty. There's no possible way for radiation NOT to affect people in the vicinity, so the children's coordination, etc, *would* be affected.


Corrected entry: When they reach the holoship they look up to the door when Data opens it. However as they are seen entering the ship from the inside they just step up to that same door. Later when Anij is thrown out she falls down about 2 or 3 meters, also visible when Data and Picard jump after her. The water level didn't drop that fast, did it?

Correction: You could be correct, however Data was never seen closing the dam that he opened to show off the holoship. It can be assumed that the water is still rushing out (albeit slower than at the beginning) hence the water level being lower.

Corrected entry: When the Enterprise is under attack by the Son'a, the Son'a fire a subspace weapon to open a dimensional tear in space. Geordi then says that the warp core is acting as a magnet, so they eject the core and blow it up to seal the tear. But then Geordi tells a bridge officer that the Son'a could do it again and they are "fresh out of warp cores". If however the warp core acts as a magnet to the subspace tear, a second similar attack by the Son'a would not affect the Enterprise because it is now without its warp-core.

Correction: No, the tear wouldn't chase after the Enterprise, but it'd still expand rather quickly, and leave a nasty big hole in subspace. And without a warp core they have absolutely no chance of outrunning one.

Gary O'Reilly

Corrected entry: When Picard and Anij are marked and beamed aboard the Son'a ship, Picard still holds his phaser gun. But when he is with the Ba'ku in the 'prison room' it is gone. Are the Son'a transporters so selective that they can separate Picard and his weapon? With the gun he should have been able to cause some trouble aboard the ship.

Correction: Actually, in TNG, we see a phaser deactivated during transport or left behind by the transporter a couple of times. It's not any kind of stretch for the Son'a transporters to have the same capability.

Grumpy Scot

Revealing mistake: When the Bak'u are fleeing, and running across the bridge, you can briefly see the launchers that are used to propel the stunt people into the air.


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William Riker: We're through running from these bastards!

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Trivia: There is a scene in the film where Baku people are running to the caves, or something like that. In the original cut of the film, some actors where chewing gum. The director and producer decided it didn't make them look scared, so they filmed than shot again, and it cost about one hundred thousand dollars.

Dr Wilson

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Question: In the scene near the end, fighting in the super structure, Picard doesn't seem to have a com device (no jacket). How would that work when Riker contacted him?

Answer: The station itself has a communication system. The Enterprise can use that to communicate with Picard.


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