Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

Continuity mistake: When Khan contacts the Enterprise after Reliant's opening attack, Kirk has his uniform jacket unbuttoned to about mid-chest level (a little above his stomach). When Khan demands all information on Project Genesis be turned over, and Kirk responds with 'Genesis? What's that?' his jacket is now unbuttoned all the way down to his belt.

Continuity mistake: After the reliant explodes and the Enterprise is safe, Kirk goes to engineering to see Spock in the radiation filled chamber. During this entire scene, Kirk's tunic is open as Scotty and McCoy keep him from entering the chamber. As Kirk approaches the chamber to talk to Spock, the tunic is partially closed. The next shot shows the tunic all the way open as Spock walks towards Kirk. (01:39:55)


Continuity mistake: When Captain Terrell kneels down and says "What the hell is that?" Chekhov's gloved hand can be seen on the left side, but in the next shot Chekhov is already in the next room.


Continuity mistake: When the Enterprise is making a run for the Mutara Nebula, they show a scene in a photon torpedo bay. On the wall the sign says "TORP BAY 4." The problem is that the Enterprise only has 2 photon torpedo bays. Bay 1 (Starboard side) and Bay 2 (Port side). This version of the Enterprise has no aft photon torpedo bays.


Continuity mistake: When Admiral Kirk and party arrive in the transport pod, they dock on the port side docking port in the secondary hull. But the airlock they emerge from is in the docking port for the port side torpedo bay, as signified by the sign in the background saying "TORP BAY 2." You can see the docking port they are supposed to have docked at to emerge from on the side of the torpedo launchers, just above of the secondary hull. The reason for this is because they re-used the stock footage from ST:TMP when Kirk and Scotty docked at the same docking port.


Continuity mistake: When Khan's number one officer is dying in the arms of Khan, they exchange a word or two before the first officer dies quite dramatically with his eyes open. Khan then fully embraces the corpse and looks up to the viewer screen and vows to get even with Kirk. However, the "corpse", whose eyes are open, closes them upon Khan's embrace. (01:29:05)

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Dr. McCoy: Go... Where are we going?
Captain Kirk: Where they went.
Dr. McCoy: Suppose they went nowhere.
Captain Kirk: Then this will be your big chance to get away from it all.

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Trivia: Early script drafts featured Khan gaining psychic powers with the ability to create illusions in the minds of others. One draft even replaced Khan entirely with an original villain who better suited such fantastical mental powers. By the time Nicholas Meyer wrote the shooting script, Khan was reinstated as the villain and the psychic angle was dropped.


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Question: This isn't technically a mistake per se, but it involves Spock's funeral. Several Enterprise crewmembers are killed during the battle with Khan, and yet only Spock gets a funeral. Perhaps there was a smaller memorial for the others, and Spock got a full funeral due to his status as captain, but why is Kirk only sending Spock's body to the Genesis planet? I imagine he sent only Spocks's body there since in ST3 there aren't dozens of little regenerated human babies crawling around down there.


Chosen answer: I imagine there was a memorial service for everyone killed. Starfleet's policy on corpses is probably to return them to Starfleet HQ where their families can collect them for whatever services or ceremonies they want unless the crewman had left instructions specifying otherwise. There's no telling why Kirk sent Spock's body to Genesis. Based on Sarek's reactions in ST3 he almost certainly went against Spock's wishes, unless of course, Spock left no recorded instructions and Kirk did what he thought would please Spock based on his being highest ranking officer and Spock's closest friend. It also seems very out of character for Spock to just assume that whoever he transferred his katra to would be able to handle it and carry out his wishes (McCoy certainly couldn't!). Ultimately it seems we have to chalk it up to a plot device to base the sequel on.

Grumpy Scot

According to the novelization, Kirk's intentions were to send Spock's remains into the Genesis sun. Lieutenant Saavik altered the trajectory of the torpedo beforehand, due to Spock's desire to see the Genesis effect for himself. The torpedo casing was expected to incinerate when entering the atmosphere. As pointed out by David Marcus in STIII when the pod was detected on the scanners, the gravitational fields were in flux at the time, and the pod had obviously soft-landed on the surface.

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