Corrected entry: Just before they enter the water, they state the water temperature is 1.1°C. Waters temperature at it's maximum density is 3.98°C which it certainly would be at that depth.


Correction: Temperature is not dependent on density in the way this entry implies. Also, the density given is for fresh, not salt water. The normal range of temperature for all the deep oceans is from 0-3 °C. A temperature of 1.1 °C is perfectly normal.

Corrected entry: When hallucinations start; trained scientists not realizing mind affecting circumstances that are OUT of the ordinary, AND suspicious even AFTER seeing clues. Science brains tend to make LOTS of associations and would be detected and at least try to disbelieve any Fantastical experiences.

Correction: First, they were not having hallucinations, they were actually altering reality. Second, there is no such thing as a "science" brain, different scientists are trained at different levels and believe different things. Third, they DID make lots of associations.they just made the wrong ones untill the end. Fourth, they were dealing with a spaceship from the future while in the most formidable environment on earth, it's not too hard to believe that they were a bit thrown by the fact that EVERYTHING was out of the ordinary.

Corrected entry: When the Navy officer tells Norman to pull the switch that will cover the giant squid with a electrical surge, Beth starts panicking and yells, "You're going to cause a fire." over and over again. After Norman pulls it, a fire starts. This is an obvious manifestation of "the power," but since the only one who would be in the right state of mind for it is Beth, and in that point of the movie she hasn't been inside the sphere yet (only Norman and Harry have, Harry's asleep, and Norman was always the most psychologically stable of the main cast and wouldn't give into panic like that) who caused the fire?

Correction: The electrical surge has a design flaw that starts the fire, which is more clearly explained in the book. It has absolutely nothing to do with "the power."


Corrected entry: When the group is being pressurized, Barnes mentions that they will have to wear a device that helps their voices sound normal. A device like that should be worn around the neck, but no one in the movie has such a device on, and their voices sound normal.

Correction: 3/4 of the way through the movie Goodman (Hoffman) makes a reference to the device he is wearing around his neck that corrects his voice.

Corrected entry: In the beginning, we are shown a sort of picture of the alien ship and all the coral that covers it, that's how they know how old it is, but when we see the ship for real, there's hardly any coral on it. Yes, the coral was supposed to have been blown away, so they can get in and out, but they wouldn't have blown all the other coral away - they could have damaged the ship. And yet, there is the enormous ship, clean of coral.


Correction: The cleaned the coral off the entire ship, careful not to damage it, so that they could get an unobstructed visual of the exterior.


Corrected entry: The crew is being told that, because their bodies are pressurized for the depth, they are able to swim in the water (although it's not recommended because of the temperature of the water). Being at that 1000 feet depth it is impossible to go outside and take a swim (whether you're wearing a diving outfit or not). The pressure is so great that your body would be crushed immediately. If you're 1000 feet deep it means that there's 1000 feet of water pushing on you. Only subs are able to resist such a weight.

Correction: Your body will not be crushed if the gas filed cavities of your body are pressurised as stated. The liquid is very much incompressible and since most of our bodies consists of it, that's not really a problem. Our body adapts to the environment by equalizing the pressure inside your body to that of the surroundings. We tolerate an increase in pressure much better than the opposite. If you very rapidly increase the pressure and you are able to equalize your sinuses in time, probably the only damage you will suffer is osteoporosis in a few years time. If you decrease pressure to quick, the pressurised gas trapped inside will try to escape, not waiting to reach our only valve - lungs. You pop. A sub must have a strong hull, because the pressure inside is 1000 times less than that of the oustide. It does not adapt the same way our fine machinery does!

But if the suit is pressurized as the habitat why they before exit the lab the go to compression room? Can you explain the ammount of pressure of: habitat, suit, spaceship, submarine?

Corrected entry: The spaceship was sealed. Since they did not know the pressure of the air within the spacecraft, it can not be assumed it's the same as the ambient pressure, to which they were adjusted. Any change would have effected their bodies. Just as they had to adapt to the base station pressure when they first arrived.

Correction: If you look closely, there is a small LCD display next to the airlock they enter through that displays "Adjusting Atmosphere". The ship automatically adjusted its own atmosphere to match what they were breathing underwater.

Grumpy Scot

Corrected entry: The space ship is lying at the bottom of the ocean, 1000 feet under the water and has a stack of coral growing on it. Coral does not grow at 1000 feet. Coral needs ample oxygen and light to grow. This does not exist at that depth.

Correction: It's mentioned in the book - the film just left it out: "Their core samples from the bottom indicated that the present seabed had formerly been much shallower, perhaps only eighty or ninety feet deep. This would explain the coral, which covered the craft to an average thickness of thirty feet."

Corrected entry: When they decode Jerry's keyboard code, Harry decodes 'h' as the number 3. Surely if this is the case then the whole message would be different e.g. if Jerry turns into Harry then hello must turn into 'jallo'.

Correction: Not entirely sure but if the H and the J were mixed up I'm not sure if the other sentences would be too. Unless they didn't use either letter. I haven't gone through the movie to see if that was the case but this is something I always wondered about too.

Correction: No, the code presented by Harry is correct, he just purposefully misinterpreted the last bit. The rest of the crew assumed he was right and didn't bother to check his work as Norman does at this point.


Continuity mistake: When Norman is running through the spaceship, he runs through a doorway and you get a glimpse of his facemask. It's dry. After going through water to get to the spaceship, wouldn't there be water on it? (00:43:10)

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Suggested correction: On the first visit to the spacecraft, we're told there's heat coming from it. There's no water on the masks of the team during that visit either. If there's enough heat for them to feel it at that depth, it's easily plausible that there's enough heat to dry their masks.

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Interviewer: I see you have a scar on your neck.
Beth: Car accident.
Interviewer: Were you drinking?
Beth: Yeah - but I wasn't driving.

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Question: Does anyone think that Harry may not have forgotten about the sphere in the end? He seem awfully calm while Norman and Beth look confused.

Answer: He's also a psychiatrist, he's used to keeping calm while others are upset. But it is certainly possible he remembers it. Why not?

Grumpy Scot

Answer: Harry was a mathematician. Norman was the psychologist. Harry does give a look like he did not forget but then again the Sphere did fly away. I believe it was A. Poor acting or B. To cause the viewer to ask questions.

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