Continuity mistake: When Norman is running through the spaceship, he runs through a doorway and you get a glimpse of his facemask. It's dry. After going through water to get to the spaceship, wouldn't there be water on it? (00:43:10)

Continuity mistake: When Norman and Harry are talking in the dorm after they hear of the storm coming, Harry is lying down in the bunk telling Norman how they are going to die. There is a shot of Harry's leg at the end of the bunk, then Harry sits up against the wall and in the next shot his leg is still at the end of the bunk, but wouldn't it have moved back when he sat up against the wall?

Continuity mistake: When Norman should give himself the injection, the syringe moves around on the table. First it's parallel to the edge of the table, then at an angle. Later, in the overhead shot, it's lying in a completely different spot.

Continuity mistake: After Harry wakes up after he went into the sphere, he is very hungry, but as he eats, one second he has bacon in his hand, and the next second, no bacon, same with the scrambled eggs: one second, it's on his fork, and the next second, it's gone.


Continuity mistake: When the survivors are surfacing in the minisub near the end, the sub is overtaken by a shockwave and lots of huge bubbles. A few seconds later the sub surfaces in perfectly calm, clear water.


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