Space Jam

Character mistake: When Shawn Bradley is talking to the therapist, he mentions the idea of going back to the jungle and being a missionary again, referencing Bradley's real-life mission with the LDS church. However, in real life, Bradley didn't serve his mission in a jungle, he served it in Sydney, Australia. (00:39:14)

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Other mistake: When Bang (the green Monstar) calls Michael Jordan Baldy, he's standing to Michael's left. But, when Michael looks up and says Baldy, he's looking to his right, not at the one who said it.

Continuity mistake: When Michael is warming up in the Looney Tunes gym and takes a jump shot, the ball enters the basket as if he was shooting from the left side of the basket. He actually shot from the center of the court, so the ball should have gone in differently.


Other mistake: In the movie the planet that the aliens live on is called Moron Mountain but on the scene selection screen, it says Moon Mountain.

Daffy Duck: How's this for our team name: The Ducks!
Bugs Bunny: Please, what kind of Mickey Mouse organization would name their team "The Ducks"?
Daffy Duck: So sue me, it's just a suggestion.

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Trivia: When sending Bugs and Daffy to pick up his basketball gear, Michael tells them that he wore his UNC shorts under his Chicago Bulls uniform in every game. He really did do this, as a good luck charm.

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Question: What is meant by the film's MPAA rating which states, rated PG for "mild cartoon language"?

Answer: Some parents might not be comfortable with the language the cartoon characters use, as some of what they say is akin to swearing.

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