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Corrected entry: When Tracy is driving down the road after the barn incident with Crawl you can see her key chain and it only has a few keys on it. It cuts to a different scene then back again. When it shows her keys again they have a blue rabbits foot and other things on it.

Correction: The rabbit's foot is there from the moment she gets into the car - it's just in a new hanging position, like after you turn the key, while she's driving down the road.


Corrected entry: When Tracy gets into her car after coming out of the barn, you can see that the license plate is from California and not South Dakota.

Correction: It's a South Dakota plate in every shot.


Corrected entry: When the father is about to go fishing he is holding a pot of coffee in his hand about to fill a thermos and the pot is about empty. They then cut to Crawl, then back to the father and the pot of coffee is now full.

Correction: The pot was about a third full when he grabbed it and looked fuller because it was tilted.


Corrected entry: Throughout the South Dakota scenes, you see trees with green foliage and people wearing warm-weather clothing. South Dakota never has green foliage or t-shirt weather in late November.

Correction: I was born and raised in Eastern South Dakota (where almost all of the crops are raised) and I can remember a lot of late Novembers, where the foliage is still green and the weather is warm enough to wear a T-Shirt with no jacket. We just had a November like that in 2007.


Corrected entry: When Theo takes Crawl out to "show him the ropes," he pushes Crawl into a manure pile. Crawl's hat falls off, and Theo hurls a pitchfork into the manure, piercing the hat. Later, there's no trace of the hole in the hat.


Correction: The pitchfork does not pierce Crawl's hat, it just pushes it down into the pile.


Corrected entry: In the very last scene of the movie, the family is gathered together for a photo. Crawl says "everybody say cheesey," but his mouth doesn't move.


Correction: You're mistaken. His lips did move when he said it.

Rollin Garcia Jr

Revealing mistake: Doesn't it seem odd to anyone that the crops hadn't been reaped by Thanksgiving in South Dakota?

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Crawl: Let's just get the rules straight here. There'll be absolutely no partying in this hall between the hours of 5 and 6 in the morning, without my express written permission. OK cool. Carry on.

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Trivia: Just something interesting, Brendan Fraser makes a guest appearance in the beginning in Crawl's room during the Halloween party. He is the same character he played in Encino Man.

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