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Son in Law (1993)

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Revealing mistake: Doesn't it seem odd to anyone that the crops hadn't been reaped by Thanksgiving in South Dakota?


Audio problem: When Crawl is in the combine and starts it up, the sound is of an gasoline engine starting. The combine has a diesel engine, which can be heard when he is driving it.


Continuity mistake: Rebecca and Crawl are flying home from LA to her farm in "South Dakota" for Thanksgiving. However, when the plane lands, her family is standing in front of a sign that says "Wasco." If you look at a map, you'll see that Wasco California is just outside Bakersfield, which is a mere hour and a half drive north of LA.

Continuity mistake: In the bachelor party scene ant the bar Travis hands Theo a bottle of pills. They show a shot of Crawl drinking. In the next shot Theo is putting the pills in a beer, but it is a totally different bottle than the one Travis gave him.

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Suggested correction: The pill bottle is the same all the way through each scene that it's in. Orange with a thin white cap.

Continuity mistake: Crawl is thrown into the manure pile and his hat falls off. Then Theo throws the pitchfork at him and the top tine makes a hole in his hat. Watch the shot closely: the tine on the fork at the top of the screen definitely makes a hole. Later in the day, there in no sign of the hole. Even in the next scene when Crawl is feeding the pigs, the hole is not there. And I can tell you from experience that a pitchfork tine leaves a hole big enough to notice.


Continuity mistake: When Crawl sits down with the log he is about to whittle, there is a large branch sticking out diagonally from the log. When the shot flips to a profile angle, the branch is now sticking straight up.

William Bergquist
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Suggested correction: The branch sticks straight out of the log, the only difference when the shot changes angles it the position the log is being held at, having the branch sticking more pointed to the sky rather than straight out from his lap angle.

Continuity mistake: When Walter and Theo are chasing after Crawl driving the combine, Walter is wearing a purple polo and a winter jacket. When Crawl returns and they catch up to him, Walter is wearing a light blue denim button up with a flannel shirt over it.


Audio problem: When Horace stops calling the square dance he tells his band that he is going to get some punch. His words do not match his mouth.


Factual error: Becca is going home for Thanksgiving, to South Dakota where it's already pretty much winter by that time. Yet the grass is green, the trees are full of leaves and the crops haven't been harvested yet. More like about August instead of November.

William Lanigan Premium member

Crawl: Let's just get the rules straight here. There'll be absolutely no partying in this hall between the hours of 5 and 6 in the morning, without my express written permission. OK cool. Carry on.

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Trivia: The butterfly tattoo that Rebecca gets on her ankle is a real pre-existing tattoo.

William Bergquist
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