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Encino Man (1992)

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Continuity mistake: In the convenience store, Link weezes the juice and gets slurpee all over his shirt. He gets kicked out and leaves, but 2 seconds later he comes back in the door and says, "I'll be back". At that point he has nothing on his shirt at all and it's completely dry.

Continuity mistake: When Link gets up to catch the fly he has a napkin tucked into his shirt, then the napkin is gone. When he bends down to eat the dog food it is there again.

Continuity mistake: During the driver's ed part, in one scene the main character, Dave, is in the back seat and in the next, a double is there in his place. You can see the double's face as plain as day and he has a big smile on his face.

Continuity mistake: When Dave gets off the bus when they are on the field trip you will see a man with a purplish shirt on and a woman with a yellow jacket on with a baby stroller, later when the teacher is done saying what he was saying, Link will go looking around by himself. If you pay close attention you will see the man and woman again except for this time they don't have a stroller.

Revealing mistake: Near the beginning when they are in the pool and the first earthquake hits. You can see a board covered in soil lift up, which the dog is on.

Factual error: Sean Astin and Pauly Shore find link buried in a block of ice that is in sunny California. Even buried underneath the fifteen feet of soil where it was found, a block of ice could not exist.

Continuity mistake: When Link and Stoney are in the store heating up the burrito, Stoney sticks his head under the Icee machine and gets a mouth full of it. The owner of the store comes over and pulls Stoney from under the machine and his mouth has nothing in it.


Continuity mistake: When Matt takes the pics of Link, he jumps in his car and holds them up in the air to wave them around. The camera angle changes and he's now holding the pics at a lower level and is no longer waving them around.


Continuity mistake: Watch the scene first of the movie when the science teacher is explaining about cavemen closely. He writes the words 'Cromagnon Man' on the chalk board, pulls down a diagram, and proceeds to walk around the classroom. A few shots later, after he comes back to the chalk board and raises the diagram, the words have changed in both size and position on the board.

Continuity mistake: In the begining, when Link is in the cave with his wife as the earthquake hits, he is wearing many layers of animal skins to protect him from the cold. The ice buries him and we move ahead to the present day. When the ice-block cracks open during his thaw-out in the boy's garage, he is only wearing a tiny g-string arrangement. What happened to his animal skin clothes?

Continuity mistake: When Link and Dave get arrested, Link smears ink on Dave's face and it when he gets his mugshot and calls Robyn the ink smear changes both times.


Continuity mistake: When Link drinks the hot salsa at the bar, he spits it out and has it all over his chin and face, the camera angle changes and the salsa is gone.


Continuity mistake: The teacher writes Cro-Magnon, Man on the chalkboard. Later in the scene, the comma is no longer there.

Plot hole: At the climax of the movie, the bully reveals Link to be a caveman by among other things, breaking into the High School and stealing his student registration papers, containing among other refuse, the vaccination license of a dog. Problem is, wouldn't the school staff have already checked those at the start of Link's time as a student?


Other mistake: It seems odd Link has to be bathed yet later on Nug has no problem being in a sudsy bath without any help.


Stoney: I hope he doesn't gnaw on our beaks.

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Question: This film was called California man in the UK, I'm guessing the reason it was changed was because the UK wouldn't know what Encino man meant, which (in my case) is true. What does Encino man mean?


Chosen answer: Encino is a city near L.A. in California.


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