Son in Law

Son in Law (1993)

5 continuity mistakes

Continuity mistake: Rebecca and Crawl are flying home from LA to her farm in "South Dakota" for Thanksgiving. However, when the plane lands, her family is standing in front of a sign that says "Wasco." If you look at a map, you'll see that Wasco California is just outside Bakersfield, which is a mere hour and a half drive north of LA.

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Continuity mistake: When Tracy is driving down the road after the barn incident with Crawl you can see her key chain and it only has a few keys on it. It cuts to a different scene then back again. When it shows her keys again they have a blue rabbits foot and other things on it.

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Continuity mistake: In the bachelor party scene ant the bar Travis hands Theo a bottle of pills. They show a shot of Crawl drinking. In the next shot Theo is putting the pills in a beer, but it is a totally different bottle than the one Travis gave him.

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Continuity mistake: When Crawl sits down with the log he is about to whittle, there is a large branch sticking out diagonally from the log. When the shot flips to a profile angle, the branch is now sticking straight up.

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William Bergquist

Continuity mistake: Crawl is thrown into the manure pile and his hat falls off. Then Theo throws the pitchfork at him and the top tine makes a hole in his hat. Watch the shot closely: the tine on the fork at the top of the screen definitely makes a hole. Later in the day, there in no sign of the hole. Even in the next scene when Crawl is feeding the pigs, the hole is not there. And I can tell you from experience that a pitchfork tine leaves a hole big enough to notice.

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