Smokey and the Bandit

Other mistake: Just after Bandit and Snowman leave home for the trip to Texarkana they have to drive through some rain. As the Trans-Am approaches the camera there is someone in the passenger seat even though Bandit is alone in the car and they haven't picked up Frog yet.

Continuity mistake: As Frog jumps through the shrubbery and onto the field, the rear view mirror is missing. A second later it's back in place.

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Continuity mistake: Sheriff Buford T Justice was supposed to be from Texas, but right as they start trying to find Frog (and before they caught up with Bandit), he passes an interstate sign with Georgia on it. If they were really in Georgia, that would have been one quick trip from Texarkana, and less than 60 miles to Atlanta.

Continuity mistake: At the end of the movie when Bandit, Frog, and Cledus are sitting in Big Enos' red Cadillac talking on the radio to Buford T Justice, a green Cadillac, which has been seen several times during the movie, is seen parked in the upper right portion of the screen. When Bandit pulls out on his way to Boston for clam chowder, Buford takes off chasing him and the green Cadillac is no longer there.


Continuity mistake: When the motorcycle patrolman is chasing the trams am with a patrolman in the car behind him, a second highway patrolman crosses the median to join the chase. When the car crosses the median, the left front tire blows out after the car slides onto the highway. In the following scene the car is in the chase with a perfectly good left front tire.

Continuity mistake: All the dust and grime on Bandit's car keeps disappearing/reappearing.

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Revealing mistake: When Smokey jumps the ramp into the football field, there are no tyre tracks. When Sheriff Justice drives up to the ramp, there are tracks that stop short of the ramp. Obviously from previous takes.

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Factual error: None of those Pontiac pursuit cars would have lasted from one end of a state to the other, as demonstrated in Oregon, when two of them blew their engines on the way to an accident on I-5 near the California border.


Cledus Snow: You can't drive a fork lift.
Bandit: I can drive any forkin' thing around.

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Trivia: Jackie Gleason's character is Buford T. Justice. This was the name of a real Florida Highway Patrolman known to Burt Reynolds' father who was once Chief of Police of Jupiter, Florida.

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