The Siege

Plot hole: Elise and Samir are in the back seat of Hub's car near a park, and Hub and his partner are standing outside the car. No one else is in the car. They pass notes as they know they are being watched and listened to. Elise and Samir walk away, and Hub and his partner get back into the front seats of the car and drive off. Suddenly a man jumps out of Hub's side of the front of the car and leads the soldiers in a foot chase. But it turns out not to be Hub, but a decoy, so Hub and partner can slip away. But this guy was not in the car before and they've been under surveillance, so this guy couldn't get in the car unseen and the decoy chase wouldn't have worked if he had been seen getting in the car. (01:33:40 - 01:36:15)


Continuity mistake: During the bedroom scene, Annett Benning is stroking her lover's chin. Depending on the camera angle (pointing at her or pointing at him) her hands switch from left to right and back to the left. (00:43:25)

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General William Devereaux: The CIA didn't know the Berlin Wall was coming down until bricks started hitting them in the head.

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Trivia: After the terrorist blows up the theater, you can hear The Wilhelm scream.

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