The Siege
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Factual error: A computer screen is used to show that a matching record was found for the fingerprint of one of the terrorists. But the two prints shown are identical, meaning they are the same print, shown twice. In reality, a matching print would show the same patterns of skin texture, but the ink pattern, record quality, angle of the finger to the paper, would all vary. You can't make the exact same finger print twice. It's similar to you signature - it's always extremely similar, but never precisely the same. (00:31:40)


Factual error: In the movie, the FBI's staging area/headquarters for the terrorist cell investigation is at 1 Federal Plaza in New York City. In reality 1 Federal Plaza is the address of the US Court of International Trade. 26 Federal Plaza is the address of the FBI's New York office.

Factual error: In the scene after the bombing of the FBI Building there are a couple of firefighters with NYFD on the back of their coats. The New York City Fire Department uses official initials of FDNY for Fire Department New York, not NYFD.


Visible crew/equipment: Seconds before the bus blows you can clearly see the camera crew in a reflection of a car's windscreen. (02:01:55)

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General William Devereaux: The CIA didn't know the Berlin Wall was coming down until bricks started hitting them in the head.

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Trivia: After the terrorist blows up the theater, you can hear The Wilhelm scream.

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