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Corrected entry: When Mordo and Dr. Strange are in the New York sanctum running from Kaecilius, Dr. Strange says that he stole Kaecilius' teleportation ring. But later on right before Kaecilius kills the Ancient One, he uses his teleportation ring to open a portal.

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Correction: Just before the Ancient One came along, Kaecilius tackles Strange. We see him take the ring back.

Corrected entry: Why didn't Kaecilius steal the infinity stone at the beginning of the movie? He was a student at Kamatage for a long time. He should know how powerful it is and where to find it. I mean would be easy to take it, because the stone isn't secured at all. It is just lying around on a platform in another room.


Correction: Obtaining the Time Stone is not his goal, and much like Baron Mordo, he's probably well aware of how destructive the Time Stone can be if its power is abused.

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Not a very good correction. Kaecilius' goal is to obtain as much power as he can gets. Just stealing a side of a book compared to the powers of a Time Stone is very modest for a villain. The detail that the Time Stone is dangerous wouldn't be problem for him at all. Destruction is his business for his master Dormammu.


Kaecilius' ultimate goal is to live forever, which he hopes to achieve by becoming a follower of Dormmamu and living in the Dark Dimension. The Time Stone could grant him the same wish, but it would require him to live in a continuous loop or to perpetually oscillate time back and forth. Choosing Dormmamu is simply a more practical solution for him.

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Corrected entry: If it's so easy for Stephen Strange, a mere student, to conjure up a gateway inside the library whilst it is forbidden and without being noticed by the guardian present, surely a former master like Kaecilius could easily do it as well and steal the entire book of Calgiostro instead of only a few pages, without anyone noticing. (00:44:05)


Correction: Kaecilus entered the library with a large group of followers and decapitated the guy watching them. He wanted to be seen. Secondly Kaecilus actually had the book in his hands, so if he wanted the book he would have taken it, instead of the pages he took.

Corrected entry: When Doctor Strange is operating he asks his colleague to cover his watch. When asked he is not wearing a mask, but in the next shot he has a mask on while covering the watch.

Correction: There's actually a brief time jump between the two moments you describe. Drs Palmer and Strange discuss using an imaging tool that Strange says they have no time for; then we fast-forward a bit to where Strange is actually going in to retrieve the bullet - and everyone, not just Nick but Strange, Palmer, and the nurse, is now wearing a mask.


Corrected entry: At least twice in the film Strange refers to Pangborn's spinal cord injury as having occurred between C7 and C8 - meaning the 7th and 8th cervical vertebrae. But humans only have 7 cervical vertebrae. An injury in this location would actually be between C7 and T1 (the first thoracic vertebra). There is absolutely no way Strange - a brilliant surgeon with a photographic memory - could get this wrong.


Correction: While it's true there is no 8th cervical vertebra, there is a C8 spinal nerve (below the C7 vertebra). So it's not a mistake for them to refer to an injury between the C7 and C8 nerves.


Correction: As the original corrector already explained, there is such a thing as a "C7 or C8" spinal cord injury. The problem is that a C7 or C8 injury would affect the victim's middle finger, ring finger, and pinkie finger on both hands. A spinal injury that would affect the legs would be signified with either a L# or a S# since those spinal injuries deal with the legs.

Corrected entry: When Strange receives a call in his car his friend says something about a military guy who's broken his back in experimental armour. That's a reference to War Machine's injury from the earlier movie Captain America: Civil War.

Correction: Director Scott Derrickson has said that it is not War Machine that this scene is referring to. It specifically says the suit of armor was experimental, whereas the War Machine armor is fully operational. If anything it's referring to the Hammer Tech suits of armor that were shown in Tony Stark's Congressional hearing scene from "Iron Man 2", but even that is debatable.

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Factual error: In the first scene where Dr Strange is preparing for surgery he uses improper surgical gowning technique breaking aseptic protocols. Strange puts on a mask after washing his hands, contaminating his clean hands by bringing them in proximity to the non-sterile environment of his face. Surgical masks must be worn before the full washing of hands. Another error is that he inserted his hands all the way through his gown to don gloves. Hands must never leave the sleeves and gloves must be put on with the sleeves still covering.

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Kaecilius: You'll die defending this world, Mister...
Dr. Stephen Strange: Doctor.
Kaecilius: Mister Doctor?
Dr. Stephen Strange: It's Strange.
Kaecilius: Maybe. Who am I to judge?

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Trivia: The envelope opened by Strange has the same year of birth as the release of Doctor Strange Vol. 2 #1 in 1974.

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